• Trillionaire

    Solid track

  • Obama is like reagan niGGA

  • Marko V

    This song just inspired me and motivated me to go get the album. Mission accomplished.

  • the One

    It so funny when someone puts out something educational no one comments on it … Just show you hip hop is truly lost. So are the youth of today… Very sad, factual track!
    Educate yourselves niggers! I also meant that spelling!

  • Ronald Raegan was an actor never was a factor
    Just an employee of the country’s real masters

    R.A.P. = album of the year

  • Converse

    Bullshit libyan rebels killed Gaddafi. Dope video and song tho

  • rahrahrah

    Yep. Obama is like Reagan. But Romney is even more so. It’s always a lesser of the evils. It’s not as if it doesn’t make a difference. Bush was worse than Gore would have been. The only thing I like about the Republicans is that they remind you that you need to do for self. The Democrats would seduce you into believing that they can fix the problems in your community. No government can fix those problems. Your community, your family, and your culture are more important than government programs. This is not to say that government isn’t essential. Republicans somehow like to tell that lie, and the other lie that corporations are our most important citizens and what is good for corporations is good for citizens.

  • Mike

    Grind Time Rap Gang, BAng Bang Bang

  • Iran The Race

    Mike Bigga = realist of the real

  • dodo

    this clown is still around??

  • emdee

    This man has the current album of the year, recognize

  • kingcai

    things that make you go hmmmmm

  • This is what HIP HOP is about…. speaking for the people with no voice…. education, rebellion, and overall for US!!!!!!!! How many of you can identify with these fabricated lifestyles of the rappers? Now how many can indentify with the everyday struggles of man/woman????

  • kingcai

    @ converse, actually gaddafi was killed by al-queda rebels in libya who were supplied with arms by the us. gaddafi locked up a bunch of al-queda members in prison in libya and mysteriously over 300 of them escape and help the us pass judgement on another country…gaddaffi was about to make his country the riches in the worlds he was going to make other countries pay for his country oil in gold…remember oil in the middle east is sold in u.s. dollars

  • Drew Who

    kingcai droppin some serious knowledge

  • Burnum

    This is the realest shit ever wrote…this is the realest shit I ever heard….anybody else got balls to stand up?