9th Wonder Releasing Two Albums

9th Wonder’s been keeping busy these days. And on November 13th, the producer says he’ll be releasing an album with Buckshot, The Solution and The Final Adventure with Murs.

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  • Rozay

    9th Wonder could be where Kanye is right now but he is too humble, he had some of the sickest beats from like 2003-2010, I liked death of a popstar too, Fornever was hard too from Murs and 9th, Murs was smashing Roxy Reynolds and fell in love, dumb move.

  • World renown poet

    Im a year late but thank god murs cut them dreads

  • Is anyone gona listen to one?

  • Devante

    I agree dude was way too layback.. 9th Wonder should be up there with Just blaze and Kanye

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    So 9th has to be a Diva producer to get the recognition you guys think he deserves?! Premo is one of the top 3 and he ain’t out in public making an ass out of himself.

  • skrillz

    Props to 9th – 1 of the best producers of all time

    Buckshot – Chemistry and The Formula are 2 of my most played albums
    9th Wonder – Wonder Years was fire last year, and Dream Merchant 1 is legit, DM 2 is 1 of the best producer albums of all time IMO
    Little Brother – Epic, song after song all amazing

    Fuck the celebrity status, the music will speak for itself over time

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    “Murs was smashing Roxy Reynolds and fell in love, dumb move.”


  • Trill

    I just hope he ain’t using that’s same dusty ass snare he been riding with since 03′