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  • Take back your country

    white Americans are criminally insane. They are European and will say and do anything to justify their psychotic behavior. The transatlantic slave trade never happened. All you have to do is create images with people in bondage to make you believe it. All they did was pay people to act in films and stage scenes to create an illusion. Like a rap video! Do you know they don’t have the technology today to transport millions of people form African to America.

    You’re the real Americans you are not African. The Boer in S. Africa and Rednecks are the same people. They took you off your ancestral land and placed you in ghettos to create a cheap labor force. A matrix of images make you believe you are not American and Europeans are American. They forged documents too. There are no resources in Europe so they stole yours. The British raped and abused them and they ran to your land in America to escape. They call Black People (Real Americans) bad names because they haven’t dealt with their own pain…So Europeans take it out on you in negative ways. Now they pay rappers to use the “N” word.

    Neanderthals ( caucasian converts to Judaism ) followed these Boers/Rednecks and took over. They paid Malcome X, MLK, Nelson Mandela, Elijah Muhammad, etc etc to create a false history to trick you.

    Have you noticed yet that white people don’t work, take a look, see for yourself. They talk or sit in a chair all day watching screens (TV/computer). They do nothing but steal, lie and live off you!

    Enough is enough.

  • pshhhh

    dear RapRar,
    could you please stop playing these videos automatically! It’s annoying and scares the ish out of you when it starts playing unexpectedly and your volume is up high

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    And Rocsi’s Voice is Annoying as Fuck Too!