New Music: LL Cool J “Ratchet”

When LL’s not busy putting his paws on home intruders, he’s back in the lab. Earlier this summer, he said he’s working on his next album and tonight, he released a new track dedicated to not-so-around-the-way-girls.

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  • D!A!E!

    Stick to home intruders.

  • Maybach W

    Elliot how you post this shit but not the Kid Cudi King Wizard joint

  • mc Bob

    “i aint Ray j , you aint Kim k.” he does know the kim & Ray j thing happened years ago right?

  • Midsize Jerm

    @ Maybach W You’re late on that one homie, they posted that shit two days ago.

  • d.o.p.e

    lmao but he’s the g.o.a.t?

  • Black Shady

    he’s not the goat…nor is Jay-Z. POWWWWWWWWWWW

  • yesssir

    I wish I had more hands, so I could give this song 4 thumbs down!!

  • Fuck A Republican

    This song is a hit…………via 1997

  • Nickey Black

    Stfu Ratched ass niggaz that shit hot!

    Yall young niggaz stupid

  • the void


  • ^^^ hahahahaha this shit sucks LL needs to stop jay-z need to stop and a host of others and I’m fans of these niggaz

  • I’m A Drake and Lil’ Wayne Fan

    Who the fuck is LL Cool J? Wait isn’t he that guy from the cop show? Now his old ass in trying to rap, damn anyone thinks they can pick up the mic and a career smh…

  • @ I’m A Drake And Lil Wayne Fan…………………..Dam dude you so uneducated on hip hop. LL Cool J is a fuckin legend! This might not be his best song , but he’s 99% of the reason most these niggas rap today….Respect and STFU.

  • JustMyOpinion

    This song is sick. Amazing, LL managed to stick to HIS flow and remain with the times. SMH
    Oh, some people mad because he didn’t make you dance AND sing. SMH

  • Black Shady

    @ freshsidenyc ; “IM A DRAKE FAN AND LIL WAYNE FAN” is c-l-e-a-r-l-y trollin and u fell for it LOL

  • Yall aint got no sense of humor? this shit is hilirarious and a great concept. The beat whack but its still a dope idea

  • I’m A Drake and Lil’ Wayne Fan

    @freshsidenyc Damn I might just check out some of his music if he’s as good as you say he is… Fucking retard


    It was clever…calm down niggas.Wasn’t suppose to win a grammy with it

  • NO LIE This song is Hot… This is LL CoolJ flow. Nice with it. deal with it. If he releases a video all you haters will be with iy ..

  • LL Cool J is one of the GOATs. Jay-Z is the GOAT!!!!

  • Eminem is the goat dummy

  • Toni

    Actually agree wit “….” but Em needs to stop now cuz he fell off.
    The track was okay though…

  • Evil

    EM is the GOAT in the game and he is ready to come back soon to smash these suckers


    Pac is the REAL GOAT U BIG DUMMYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smooth ish

  • HB

    agree with @Buggin Out, but i also kinda agree with the rest of you trollin dummies. Jay & Em are both GOAT”s in their own way. as for this song its cool for what it is, LL is just telling his opinion on “ratchet” females

  • Go hard n yo gurl


  • mrholloway

    This isn’t bad…but LL doesn’t have anything to prove or need any music money…

  • Del

    SMDH… this isn’t the dopest shit but y’all little kids dissin’ LL is blasphemy… do some homework little niggaz

  • I like it. Young haters eat a dick. That’s the sad shit about rap music. We don’t respect the pioneers of this shit. young pop icons don’t disrespect the OG’s, it doesn’t happen in rock, doesn’t happen country, etc…. this is a damn shame. If there was no LL …there would be no Jay, Nas, Em or anyone else. Get off that man’s dick. If you don’t like it…don’t listen. He’s a pioneer and that’s that.

  • the G.O.D


    Better than that garbage on steady rotation on b.s. radio, whatever the fuck FM.


  • Some you fooools are gullly as fuck!!! good lord. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE TROLL….YOU ONLY FEED IT!!!! Em gonna be back to smash.. LL was decent, at least he delievered. Go read a book you uneducated illiterate niggas!!

  • ctg

    The verses and concept are cool. Not too in love with the production or the singer on the hook tho.

  • Mike smiff

    It’s all about the message dummies… He basically saying stop tricking to get pussy rapper, athletes, and get money niggaz. Pussy is free. If you put a real beat with it, it’s a hit..

  • mac DIESEL

    ………..QUEENS LOST!!!!


  • Curtis75Black

    The soundtrack to niggas nowadays !!!

  • @BlackShady These lil niggas don’t know shit about real hip-hop regardless. Between that statement and the generation of hip hop fans, I couldn’t tell if he was jokin or not. Fuck That trollin shit….

  • chillthrills

    the singing in the hook is suss,,,,,,,good joint,,, funny though,,,believe he aint rapping for money,,,its about having fun at this point in the game for son,,,,,just buggin,,,playing on records,,,basically,

  • LinwoodRose

    This joint is fun. A nice lil whimsical touch. LL makes music for fun these days. He’s too deep in the game to care what you think. He makes like $200k an episode of his show. This shot is for fun and I like the joint.

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  • bully

    This would’ve sounded great on the Phenomenon album

  • Strong Johnson

    FOH L

  • Uncle Ray Ray

    Bars is on point hook is weak

  • jaystrokes

    ehhh is not that bad. ive heard much worse on here. the hook is finda trash.

  • Burnum

    @ctg….I agree…the lyrics and delivery were there, but the mixing and production were less than luster…nonetheless, LL still here…

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