New Music: Mannie Fresh “Heal The World”

What’s happenin’? Mannie Fresh comes behind the boards and returns to the mic on his latest recording. Hopefully, he’s got more on the way.


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  • bigj34974

    What happened with Manny Fresh on the Cruel Summer album?

  • poetic assasin

    cruel winter. wait, who gave him permission to rap again? swizz is more listenable.

  • bigj34974

    Rudolf the red nose white chick. Hahahhaha

  • Belize

    Niggaaaa Haaaaaa?????!!!!??? Mannie still got crack

  • Crackrock

    I fuck wit diz

  • Daee

    This shit hard… Im glad he realized that DJ Mustard was making bread off a sound that he created.

  • KingJuggaNott

    That shit that he’s doing with Mos Def is gonna be crazy.

  • Realniggashit

    I fucks with it!

  • Jack Bahlzak

    Mannie is the king!!

    Juvie hit em up for that new Cash Money album!!!

    If i dont hear any Mannie beatz on that i aint fuckin wit it!!

  • MOneybags

    Not a fan of 2 chainz but they should collab

  • Devante

    Damn he shoulda give this to 2 Chainz real rap..

  • cheeeese

    strip club banger, Fresh still got some heat i see

  • Go hard n yo gurl

    This shit goes!!!!!!!!!! This is hard!!!!! Fresh came with that heat. Dope

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  • Chan


  • Anon DCPL


  • STFU.

    ^^^ haha

  • Paul Anaconda

    Mannie Fresh Has Always Had Heat, He Was Just With The Wrong Crowd When Slim & Baby Did Him Wrong With CashMoney, Glad To See He’s Got His Footing Back And Ready To Crush Some Records.

  • robb maxx says this is that OG Fresh

  • Dope cut the Title got me too lmao!

  • floridaboy


  • Mike Jones??

    Hot Garbage!!!! Gets NO play in my ride..

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  • cruel winter. wait, who gave him permission to rap again?

    ^ mannie has been rapping since the turn of the century. ever heard of the big tymers? lmao.

  • HK