Uncle Luke Wants Check For “Pop That”

French Montana’s got a hit on his hands, but Uncle Luke hasn’t gotten a check in his pocket. On the BET Hip-Hop Awards red carpet, Luke tells RapFix that he hasn’t been compensated yet for French’s single, “Pop That”. The song samples his classic party starter, “I Wanna Rock”. Better get-get the checkbook.

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  • I heard Lil Joe Records actually owns the copyright. Could be wrong, either way I wouldn’t say it’s against best interest to cut the check with one of the main guys who made the sample/original record popular.

  • Corny

  • mac DIESEL



  • G Sweater
  • Maybach W

    So sad to see these old niggas thirsty for checks cause they broke

    Hov probably never cried over someone using a sound clip from one of his song. Or Puff when someone uses a Biggie clip.

  • Hahaha uncle luke is disgruntled nigga

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Maybach W @ …




  • Musikal

    That’s because lil wayne is on it lol.

  • jayzuz

    money hungry nigga…fuck outta ear

  • mac DIESEL

    @ jayzuz


    ……………U MONKEY!!!!


  • Black Shady

    SMH @ saying Jay and Puff dont care when they get sampled!!!

    u really think thats true???? we’re talkin about 2 of the biggest money hungry whores in the industry….!!! lol

  • KingJuggaNott

    Time to break bread. LOL

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Maybach W Seriously? So, someone take your music and use it and you let them go? Especially, when you’re in the music business. It shows your lack of knowledge of music business 101. *shrug shoulders*

  • Cz

    So this dude wants money for sayin “don’t stop pop that pussy” and someone using that in a song…..with all the 2 live crew references in the song they were honestly giving fee publicity to some dudes that no one cares about anymore, he should be happy that people are still trying to keep his spirit around. Honestly I’d never even heard of the dude before this song.

  • mnka


  • @CZ

    1) Uncle Luke helped the 2 Live Crew by leaps and bounds, he’s arguably the most famous member , hell he’s like the only one people really remember.

    2) If Cudi cant sing “gotta let these niggas know” on All of the Lights and get a songwriting Grammy, then Luke can at least get a check.

  • Gambino

    tell Uncle Luke I’m out in Miami too

  • nyc

    Never heard of uncle luke?! How old are u 12?!

  • Cz

    I’m 21, didn’t start listening to rap till I was like 14 though. Long after these guys were obscure. I listened to some of their stuff and honestly couldn’t get past a minute of any song and I usually love 90s rap.

    But I’ll admit I didn’t listen to pop that that often…just re-listened and I forgot they used the sample for the hook, I thought it was just at the beginning real quick. Dude definitely deserves his money.

  • R

    Why is his name French when hes not even fench or cant speak it and hes not from Montana! Pay Luke his motherfuking money!

  • brodie

    Damn these new niggas dont like to pay nobody right! Rules are if you sample copyright music you gotta pay for using it yourself to make money. Now if it aint on itunes or being sold in stores then Uncle Luke maybe out of luck but for the most part whoever owns the rights to the original song is gonna get the check so French & Diddy better handle that. And that Jay-z commet was dumb. You know how much jigga is getting just for his music being used in 2k13? Shit niggas need to follow the rules before they end up broke at the end of they career off uncleared samples

  • Devante

    Actually French speaks French..

  • R

    No he doesn’t speak French I seen him say it in an interview! And he’s not from Montana he comes from a rich Morracan family and no he doesn’t sell coke Rap is getting loaded with fake ass Mcs don’t believe me ask Minaja Garbiage!

  • George Soros

    Rule #1 in business: Get all your motherfucking money that has your name on it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If you sample an artists music you have to pay them. Uncle Luke is a legend. I see French is learning from the Cash Money playbook.

  • Petro3

    You owe, you pay – bottom line.

  • Black Shady

    Well maybe they paid for the sample…but it was to an EXEC or a label…who owns the right. Idk im just talkin thru my hat, but im pretty sure they paid whoever they had to pay to use the sample…

  • R

    Lmao if Diddy doesn’t pay his employees what makes you think he won’t rip off anyone else.


    man this nigga deserve his money, he can sue they ass if he want, you sample you pay. now i do agree that if the song would’ve flopped Luke wouldn’t care, but since its a hit, hands are out. thats how people are and always been

  • DeeJayCess

    The Record Is For His Album & Sample Was Cleared…

    If Uncle Luke Doesn’t Own The Rights To His Own Music, That’s His Own Fault. Michael Jackson Used To Own The Rights To 1/2 Of The Beatles Songs; It’s A Business. Just Because It’s Your Voice Doesn’t Mean You Get The Money; Checks Were Cut… To Who Owns The Rights To The Song…

  • norfolk

    luke sold ALL his rights years ago when he was broke. this is a known #FACT

  • County Of Kings

    if uncle luke owns his publishing for his vocals on that record, then they owe him a check.

    @Maybach W, thats the dumbest shit i ever read of course jayz and puff get that sample money nigga how u think the rich get rich. u think cassidy didnt pay for “i’m a hustla” or tip didnt pay for “bring’em out bring’em out”
    u dont remember jayz freestyle saying “dont use my voice on your records i want 700 percent” shit puff cant retire and litterally live off of bad boy samples and shit, well maybe not since puff has to pay for all the samples he used as well.
    u lil niggas gotta start reading the credits and dont just download everything. u might learn something.

    every spin on the radio is a muthafuckin check in the mail for those ppl who they sampled.
    this record isnt that big so the check wont be outta this world.

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  • michelle

    Some of your comments are so ignorant, how can you call yourself a fan of music and don’t understand the biz? all the time you spend on the Internet, it takes nothing to READ. Some of you though do get it and understand. The fact is when you use a persons record you have to pay. some said he sold his catalog i don’t know. i read somewhere that it was ripped off by the same dude that worked for him who happened to be a Jew. Even if Luke doesn’t own the catalog it would only respectful that Puffy or Rick Ross pay him since it is the sample that makes the record so hot. I don’t know about cash money or why thats in there because from my research french montana is signed to rick ross and bad boy only and not cash money. to me rick ross seems like the flaw dude in all of this and not french or puffy. i also heard that rick ross stole the idea for the song from some other dude named dj chose who had a record and used the same sample exactly.

  • Cz

    ^ I can call myself of fan of the music and not know the business cause I like the music and don’t plan on becoming a rapper myself anytime soon…dumb bitch

  • County Of Kings

    @Cz i dont plan on being a rapper either nigga, but i love the music so much i read the credits, i learned about sample clearances, i not only love the songs i listen to i listen to the sample of those songs to see where they got the inspiration.

    gotta know your history kid smarten up

  • michelle

    CZ you must be all of 12 years old. You can’t even have a disagreement without being disrespectful. Just know that when you call me a bitch, it’s like calling your mother and grandmother a bitch. Remember women are the mothers of civilization therefore if you think of us a bitches, what would that make you. Grow up and READ. Thank you Country Kings for your input, trying to educate the uneducated.

    Internet Gangstas be killing me. Because someone trys to enlighten you, you resort to childish name calling.

  • Cz

    Ok great you guys sit around all day and research rap music, good for you. I don’t care about most old rap or where samples came from because they usually suck. Sure over the years Ive listened to classics like big l, pun, biggie, Pac, dre, snoop, atcq, de la soul…but most old rap is simple and boring. And your point was irrelevant country of kings, while I agree it could be cool to listen to samples and stuff it doesn’t directly have to do with the business. This bitch thinks that me understanding how the money gets passed around is gonna make me like music more than I do, get the fuck outta here with that. And I don’t think of all females as bitches, just dumb ones who are really bitchy.

    And I guess you’re calling 99% of the rap game as disrespectful and childish cause they all just refer to females as bitches. go listen to some fuckin jazz or somethin. And for the record I probably read a lot more than you. But I actually read books and news, not reports on the rap game and who’s responsible for paying someone.

  • Cz

    Honestly though, how are you gonna comment on me using the word bitch while you’re commenting in a thread about a dude who made a career off of objectifying women and wanting money for his use in another song that does nothing but objectify women…smh

  • yup

    They STole this song from dj chose from houston look it up

  • michelle

    Ok Cz Internet Gangster! I could stoop to your level, but I’m not. I do not condone or glorify much less listen to half of the garbage that’s being promoted because it is disrespectful and childish and degrading to women – just like you are being. If your claim to fame is being well read, it sure doesn’t come across that way by your postings. Further you obviously have some sort of interest in rap otherwise you wouldn’t be commenting on this article, better yet you wouldn’t even be on Rap Radars site.

    I’m commenting on you using the word “bitch” because you DIRECTLY called me a bitch when you replied to my post, THAT IS HOW. My interest in Uncle Luke is far beyond what the lyrics or content of his music was because I didn’t and don’t listen to him. My interest and reason for commenting was purely from a business aspect, not from a “fans” point of view or a “gossip” point of view.

    I suppose I shouldn’t comment on anything dealing with Al Pacino either because he played a bad ass drug king pen in Scarface, LOL. Same difference.

    Now go read a book.

  • kai

    they sampled his song so he is automatically supposed to get a check, fuck is wrong with ya.