Rappers Pick Favorite Jay-Z Performance Track

Hov wraps his eight concert run tonight at the Barclays Center. But before he does, MTV asked a few rappers for their favorite Jay-Z performance song. If you’re not lucky enough to attend tonight, the show will be streamed via Hov’s new Life+Times YouTube channel at 9:30 pm EST.

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  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    thats a tough question, my three faves off the top of my head

    U Dont Know

  • RoeLuv

    Slept on: “Meet The Parents” -Blueprint 2

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    oh yeah, and ‘No Hook’ from American Gangster

    “roids… rolls-royce keeps my movement, smooth while maneuvering, through all the manure in the sewer that i grew up in”

  • B.Dot

    shit is hard. but i’d probably say

    “Nigga What, Nigga Who”

    “Week Ago”

    “Where I’m From”.

    Meet The Parents was weak.

  • Waverly Watkins

    Lucky Me
    City Is Mine
    All around the world
    Never let you down (Kanye song)
    The Grammy Family freestyle

    Hova has gems I know I missed a lot of great songs.

  • ultrakid

    very hard to narrow down to just one, but i’d give a few: “Cant knock the hustle” , “Jigga (whats my name)” , “Soon you’ll understand”

  • Meet the parents was weak? Slap yourself B.Dot.

  • Flick Flack

    Can I Live

    And his verse on Ye’s “Diamonds” remix is incredible.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, put our hands together for the astonishing…
    H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A
    Not guilty, he who does not feel me is not real to me
    Therefore he doesn’t exist
    So poof…vamoose son of a bitch. Lol!

  • ctg

    Based on how everyone in the video responded it seems like they were asked what is their favorite Jay-Z song that they like to see him perform, which is different from asking what their favorite Jay-Z song is.

    I’d have to agree with “P.S.A.” when it comes to performing. That joint is a monster live.

  • @gtfomike

    Can I Live

    on top of my head

  • Devastation Inc.

    Imaginary Players

    Ignorant Sh#t

    Excuse Me Miss(Remix)


  • mike

    Where I’m from
    you don’t know……….jay-z should make a allure video. Just cuz

  • DP

    I bet Eminem would say Renegade

  • IamRealTalk *MKW Promotions* ( Rozay is NOT Responsible for the Recent Assaults on Torch and Gunplay of MMG ) – Jeezy is just Mad that God Forgives I Dont is Officially PLATINUM 1.3MILLION SOLD WW and TM103 is stuck at 700k –

    3 KINGS

  • trackflow23

    For Me:

    It’s Alright Feat. Memphis Bleek
    Where I’m From
    Streets is Watching
    The Ruler’s Back
    A Million and One Questions (DJ Premier Extended Mix)
    NYMP (A Slept on track)

  • COOK

    Never Change
    Say Hello
    Dead President s

    Meet the Parents was dope.

  • B.Dot

    @ trackflow23
    NYMP is def up there

  • IamRealTalk *MKW Promotions* ( Rozay is NOT Responsible for the Recent Assaults on Torch and Gunplay of MMG ) – Jeezy is just Mad that God Forgives I Dont is Officially PLATINUM 1.3MILLION SOLD WW and TM103 is stuck at 700k –

    3 KINGS


  • picky

    Did everybody forget about song cry and what about his verse on I love the dough ?!

  • trackflow23

    @B.Dot Yup. Not alot of people mention about that song. It’s just too ill.

  • Devante

    You Don’t Know
    Dynasty Intro
    They ply those at the club every now and then and people still get hype

  • doo doo momma


  • If we’re talking performing live, my three would be:

    1) I Know
    2) Excuse Me Miss
    3) Can’t Knock The Hustle

    Every time he performs those live, especially with the live instruments, it just transcends rap.

  • Jav

    hands down his verse in umbrella!

  • DON

    agree w/ B.Dot & trackflow23, i love NYMP .smooth track.

    other ones i like are Resevoir dogs,& Its like that’ ft kid cupri

  • Sam

    When I saw him and kanye at watch the throne concert. Nothing was liver than 99 problems.

  • Elliott Wilson

    Just the classics -1.) Umbrella 2.) Crazy In Love 3.) Heartbreaker

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    I’ve always wanted to hear “It’s Like That” live. Not that it’s a live track like some of the other bangers but just to see a stadium crowd vibin out to that track would be cool.

    And “Trouble” cuz it knocks!

  • Scott

    Song Cry

  • Nas

    Give that nigga a wheelchair when he performs

  • jobie

    PSA with pyrotechnics at WTT>>>

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Where I’m From”
    “Lucky Me”
    “Can’t Knock The Hustle”
    “What More Can I Say”

  • Heyhey

    Cant see video. Which rappers are in in talking ?

  • County Of Kings

    -put your hands up featuring beanie sigel

    -where i’m from

    -week ago

    “the labeling of a snitch is a lifetime scar, you’ll always be in jail nigga just minus the bars”

  • jp

    Heart Of The City (unplugged version w. The roots and jaguar wright)
    99 problems
    Can I live

  • slick

    i wish he did takeover that would be live, he got shit he never does like the show you how to do this son joint. why he never do streets is watching?

  • Rozay

    The best of both worlds was dope too when he performed it at MSG

  • Jaymalls

    There are too many… I don’t think we will ever have another rapper w/ as many classic songs and albums!

  • yaboyP

    People are just naming random songs that I’ve NEVER seen or heard of him performing. If we’re talking performance songs, it has to be:

    You Don’t Know
    Nigga What, Nigga Who (Always dope to see him flip that fast flow, and when the crowd goes “I THREW FO’ BACK!”…that’s priceless

  • floridaboy

    my first song. actually ALL OF BLACK ALBUM

  • Outlet

    Nobody fucks with cashmere thoughts?

  • bumpy johnson

    dynasty intro , show you how , real as it gets , dope man , d evils , this cant be life , go crazy remix was sick ..

  • trackflow23

    Oh man I almost forgot about:

    B**ches & Sisters (Bonus track off the Blueprint 2. Jay really broke down the difference between the two)

    Lyrical Exercise (Bonus track off the Blueprint)

    Those two songs right there were better than half of the tracks he had on the album

  • Makile


    Hovi baby

    What more can I say

    American dreamin

    Take You Home best of both worlds

  • michelle michelle

    Heart of the City
    Song Cry

  • Word


  • touchNwho

    Roc boys

    Show me what ya got


    99 problems

    Jockin jay z

  • bry from boston

    Come & Get Me – Vol… 3
    Heart of the City – The Blueprint
    Where Im From – Vol… 1
    Can I Live – Reasonable Doubt
    Girls Girls Girls – The Blueprint
    Thank You – BP3
    Already Home – BP3
    PSA – Black Album
    My First Song – Black Album
    Can’t Knock the Hustle – Reasonable Doubt
    Stick to the Script – Dynasty

  • bry from boston

    Worst Jay-z Songs = Any fuckin’ track from Watch the Throne… That entire album made me sick… Worst fucking album ever… Vanilla Ice’s 2 The Xtreme blows Watch the Throne out of this universe if you get my drift… Ughhh… Best Jay album Blueprint/Reasonable Doubt/Black Album

  • bry from boston

    Original was better B.Dot… Although the producer wqsnt happy with the original, he liked the intenseness of the remit… But who am i??? Its all opinion.

  • Do It Again
    Where I’m From
    Brooklyn’s Finest
    Dynasty Intro

  • Realshyt

    Can I live
    What more can I say
    Soon you’ll understand
    Even tho there’s a grip more classics haha

  • PSA man! Just the way that shit drops, crazy…

  • Romo

    My first song
    The prelude
    No hook
    Hovi baby
    The watcher
    In my life time pt 2

  • i find jay z to be one of the most overrated rappers of allllllllllllllll time..just cuz people eat his shit up doesn’t mean its good, ive hated his annoying ass flow my whole life since h to the izzo..

  • dnt get me wrong dude has some good tracks and all, but i don’t see what everyone else does i guess..

  • Realshyt

    People’s court
    People talking
    Blueprint 2 some low key sick tracks

  • @ deez

    If your “my whole life” statement starts at H to the Izzo, then that’s your whole problem right there