Beyoncé Joins Jay-Z At Barclays (Night 8)

Hov closed out his concert series last night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. After reciting “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”, he brought out his ol’ lady for “Diva” and “Crazy In Love”. Later, she returned for “Young Forever”. You can check out his entire performance here.

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  • CMJ

    SHE IS THE BEST! S.W.A.G. .. #Saynotting

  • damone

    God MC

  • JustMyOpinion

    Brooklyn…………WE did it.

  • Nas Divorce Lawer

    Nobody cares no more?

  • haaaaa

    this >weezy park HOVA stay winning

  • The Truth

    If Biggie was here no one would give two shits about this ugly motherfucker!

  • Kinglo

    BROOKlyn in the
    Dmx Remixes Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” Into 13 Minutes of Him Just Naming Stuff About Drake He Don’t Like << funniest thing read all day

  • Missy

    Beyonce is the BADDEST.. Dang she is FIERCE in every sense of the word..

  • HB

    @The Truth why you so angry bro?

  • the only time you’ll ever catch me near barclays is when im passing atlantic on the train or if the knicks is playing..

  • nuts

    ^ Well yeah… your broke ass is still taking the damn train. You know damn well u can’t even afford to get in the door at Barclays.

  • missedgyc

    Could have been a better perf… especially Beyoncé’ voice 🙁

  • Stop

    The most overrated artists of our generation ladies and gentleman. Nas and Em are better than Jay z rihanna is better than beyonce. End of story

  • @ “The Truth”

    No, if Biggie was alive you’d just be on his posts talkin the same shit, wishing some other dead rapper was here instead of him

  • michelle michelle

    even better together

  • @Stop ,, jay-z has better lyrics than Em. and he flows better than Nas ……all 3 of them are legends and great rappers

    and as far as Rihanna, yeah she makes great Pop songs, but beyonce is prettier, better dancer, and better singer