E-40 & Too $hort History: Mob Music & Function Music Tracklist

40 and $hort double LP arrives on November 6 and they both wine and dine for the front display of Mob Music. Cross the velvet rope for some V.I.P. access on the artwork for Function Music.

UPDATE: Now with tracklist below via hhnm. Pre-order Amazon here & here.

Mob Music:

1. We Are Pioneers
2. Sheesh
3. Fire Fighter (Feat. Knotch)
4. Whip Out
5. Money Motivated
6. Ballin’ Is Fun (Feat. B-Legit)
7. Ride With Me
8. Do You Remember? (Feat. Kurupt)
9. Street Money
10. My Stapler
11. I Don’t Work For Nobody
12. Ask About Me (Feat. B-Legit)
13. If We Ain’t Fuckin’
14. Gang of ‘Em (Feat. Beeda Weeda & Rankin Scroo)
15. Knockin’ A Bitch
16. Pancherellos
17. Stressin’

Function Music:

1. This Shit Pound
2. Slide Through (Feat. Tyga)
3. Smoke That Shit
4. Let’s Have A Party (Feat. Cousin Fik & Knotch)
5. Dump Truck (Feat. Travis Porter & Young Chu)
6. Singles
7. Entrepreneur
8. Bout My Money (Feat. Turf Talk)
9. Say I (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
10. Workin’ the Trunk
11. West Coast Shit (Feat. Ice Cube)
12. One Foot (Feat. Sugafree)
13. Check That Bitch
14. Everyday
15. Lemme See You Twerk (Feat. Dolla Will & Decadez)
16. Toasted
17. Cali (Feat. Wifey & DJ Upgrade)

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  • KiDCaps

    can’t wait

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    ^ seriously?

  • mrholloway

    If it wasn’t for the old school…wouldn’t be no rap music.

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    is it me or nobody every really cared about these two dudes? i mean, there r big and pac, there r mos def and kweli, there r krs and rakim, but these two…in my opinion they r nutting but clowns

  • JustMyOpinion

    Haaaaaa @ wahrheitsgetreu. Too funny.

  • jtm

    the mainstream doesn’t care about em.. but these 2 are underground legends

  • Why So Serious

    If 40 puts out an album by himself with 50 tracks on it, let me guess this ones gonna have 150 on it?

  • C’mon Son


    You never cared about these 2 because your probably 12-15 years old and from NY. Ur the clown

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    well, not to disappoint you but I never cared about these 2 clowns because I like to listen to songs that have something in them, not just bitch-and-money talk all over the place. listening to someone like too short is waste of time. what good can you take from any of his songs? how to pimp? c’mon son…

  • KiDCaps

    niggaz be postin comments over rappers they don’t like, my question is, why even bother? anyway… to each is own

  • I co-sign any E-40 project. West Coast Legend.
    Buncha kids In the comment section.

  • Midsize Jerm

    E-40 still puts out some good music, IDK about Too $hort because I haven’t heard much from him lately, but if his shtick is still the same I won’t be expecting much from him. These albums are not going to be classics, but I don’t think that’s what they’re going for. As long as they can deliver a decent, somewhat consistent product with hot beats and maybe a few good features I’l be satisfied. Will that happen? I have no idea.


  • Joe Anderson

    I see you know nothing about Hip-Hop Music. Stick to German music, this is not something you can understand.

  • @wahrheitsgetreu too short put out ‘the ghetto’ and ‘so you wanna be a gangster’ which were well received conscious records. he’s done quite a few other ones but those got the most attention. e-40’s done his share as well. both these guys cover the club, the street, and the classroom. you should check em out

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  • @wahrheitsgetreu Geh zurück auf DeutschRap Seiten Whiteboy!
    Hör lieber der Wolf oder Fanta4…

  • tucq

    Anybody that disses 40 and Too Short don’t have respect for the game. These cats were independent BEFORE THE INTERNET AND WAS RICH

  • 7mile style

    Anyone who hates these two are either kids or done have an understanding about hip hop.


    Why the fuck couldnt they have done this when they was in their prime with Ant banks producin? Banks had THE coldest beats on the westcoast and made these dudes best albums.He shit still bangs hard as a m.f.This project is gonna be all hyphy beats instead of the classic sound they had.


    And to you faggot ass kids that dont know shit about real rap and all yall know is that Waka-trappin bullshit,these muthafuckas was puttin that gangsta shit down and talkin bout dope sellin before you was born,you weak ass drake listenin bitches.

  • the ripper

    Too $hort is a muthafucking legend!! Dude be spitting some pimping shit….

  • Mr.Kee

    All you fags hatin on some legends dont know a gah damn thing about music these two gave so much game to the game that you think you came up with it

  • G-funk

    If there was a hip hop hall of fame these guys would be one of first inductees.

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    krs-one, mos def, talib kweli, common, lupe fiasco – these are real legends to me, not the clowns that talk about gangster shit but never done it. real gangsters do not have time and wish to rap and brag about their deeds. if you talk about real life gangster shit on a record – this means you r snitching and no real gangster would do that because it will get back at him. so all this gangster-pimp and bitch-money talk is nothing but bullshit for clowns that believe in it.

  • @wahrheitsgetreu

    Ask Lupe (whom I hold in very high regard) about E-40 and $hort Dog. He’ll tell you that they (amongst others) are Hip Hop pioneers that were making dope-ass music he grew up to, and made him want to get into the game. Then go suck a dick.

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    interesting…a bitch is talking about sucking dicks…hm, is it like your hobby or something? LOL

  • Showboat

    Name one hot E-40 Line?

    I’ll wait . . .

    It probably starts off like this : sdlkjfhasdkjfhaskjdf money and cheese!!!!!!!!!

  • @everybody (lovers, haters) give this one a chance:

    Best of E-40 mixtape http://matthewafrica.podomatic.com/player/web/2012-03-22T12_23_19-07_00

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  • Gambino

    respect. these guys recorded 34 tracks together. Should be dope

  • haaaaa

    they legends fuk ur thought

  • mr.kee

    to hate on 40 and Short is to hate your favorite rapper they brought so much game to the table that you youngsters think its yours


    These old ass niggas shoulda did this album shit in their prime.Now its almost 2013 and they fans that they got like me wanna hear em on that old ant banks g funk type shit,not that hyphy bullshit.I just know all Im gonna get on this album is that hyphy shit.Imma maybe get 3 or 4 bangers if Im lucky

  • Del

    who cares? I do, these niggaz provided the soundtrack to my childhood… they’re older stuff is better than their latest material but I’m still looking forward to these albums especially the Mob Music one