New Music: Joe Budden Ft. Lil Wayne x Tank “She Don’t Put It Down Like You”

budden Joe Budden Featuring Lil Wayne & Tank   She Dont Put It Down Like You

Joe Budden’s been sitting on this record since the summerSplash got the drop on it, and it now features Tank in addition to Lil Wayne.

Sonically, the track is reminiscent of Drake’s “I’m On One”. Considering the impact that had on radio, could this be Joey’s attempt of returning to the FM dial? Quite possibly. Look out for A Loose Quarter coming soon.

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  • cfbny

    Weezy Killed this shit



  • hmmm Wayne Kiss Stevie J at Club Liv. Now this drops. lol..The beat sounds like Im On one

  • AK47


  • D Twice

    @Shamba Menelek

    Thats exactly what I was gonna say. I don’t care how many kids dude got if there is evidence of you kissing 2 men on the lips you are a cock loving fudge packer. And stop acting like wayne went in “remember our last kiss?” yeah we won’t forget wayne. This dude has to make himself more of a freak show every few months to compensate for his mediocrity.

  • Real Talk.

    Sounds good but I’ll really be sure when I hear th CDQ version

  • Real Talk.

    D Twice and Shamba. Chill. He didn’t kiss him, he wispered into his ear since they were in a noisy club smfh. Yall are way too interested in who another man may be doing it makes yall seem suspect. Like when you think of another man (pause) his sexual activities should be the last thing that comes to mind. now a woman different cuz you may fantasize about what you’ll do to her and wonder what she has done.

  • Del

    reminiscent? the whole damn song sounds I’m On One, even has Wayne on it… i’ll pass on this one Joey

  • brian

    no joe, do not do any songs wit this fag on the new mixtape….. stay away from these industry fags

  • Black Shady

    Can yall explain me HOW WAYNE “KILLED” this????? seriously…..please take 2 seconds to explain to me

    ….I’ll wait!!!!

    Cool song. Im on 1 part 2 indeed….except you shoulda went with a Drake feature instead LOL

  • M.T

    wayne was ok on this but this sounds too much like I’m on one.

  • dope

    this track is dope dont know what you lot are on and im not even a wayne fan but still think its a dope track

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Nah this ain’t it, he should’ve got Drake on the hook

  • Donn

    Sounds like everything else, no one wants to be creative any more

  • @Real Talk.

    true shit… that man didnt kiss that nigga… and plus that was dj stevie j… not vh1 stevie j… the shit was just a bad angle… that make it seems they kiss… it just niggas out there just want to see gay shit….

    by the way the song sound like im on one…

  • brodie

    This shit bangs!!!! Fuck wayne tho that nigga gettin wacker n wacker if he aint already there yet

  • Devante

    T-Minus on the beat?
    Anyway this is pretty good

  • BlazeDaFuture

    Do ya’ll listen to music or just skim through it…This joint is gonna bang in the clubs and in the whip…the game dropped celebration which sounds like “first of the month” by bone thugs ya’ll like that record right?? listen to the lyrics…joey incorporated being lyrical on a club joint…tank KILLED the hoo…and if you don’t think so you must’ve been born in the late 90’s or some shit…all in all its a dope track something different from joey i fux wit it

  • Your Father

    Man, T-Minus really needs a new sound.
    All his shit sounds the same now.

  • dmc

    Joe definitely separated himself on this one..sorry wayne

  • Ricky Retardo

    @Your Father
    niggas just be picking that sound… T-minus along with hitboy are one of the few producers with a versatile arsenal but rappers gonna chase what made the DJs spin and billboard loves.

    shit is dope by the way.

  • thebullfrog24

    I’m on one = My moment = She don’t put it down

    …..i aint never told no lie

  • drew3

    this is a new sound for budden but im still feeling it

  • Ddude

    it’s funny because Joe’s always fired anti commercial radio friendly subliminal lyrics in his rhymes.

    But anyone deserves a hit, it’s Joe.

  • cjones


  • cheeeese

    this will get good radio play

  • D Twice

    Hahahaha @Real Talk got his feelings hurt

  • yoooooo this DOPE as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!


    song is a banger, should of had Drake on it instead

  • C-will

    Sounds like I’m On One, but better…
    It’s to bad though it’s nothing to celebrate, I expect more from Joe…
    I expect originality, creativity from a different universe.

  • STFU

    I love this song. Shit bangs.

  • jaystrokes

    nice joint

  • SFA

    Song is fucking dope, hotter than any YMCMB record this year. Quit hating start congratulating. Jump off Joey is doing his thing.

  • onenutned

    recycled ymcmb trash wit a decent verse from buddens…but you gotta do something after the “flopperhouse” album right?…good luck joe

  • JOeyzz

    budden got a nice verse from wayne
    record may have radio potential

  • James

    sounds too familiar.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    The hooks on Joe’s songs are ALWAYS terrible.
    That SLV stuff always has the worst hooks and Joe thinks he has a good ear, but nah

    I love ya Joe, long time fan, but stop writing the hooks. They are wack

    Lil Wayne verse is garbage.

    Song has a chance, but Joe should have done the EMO/”I miss her” Drake whiny stuff.
    Jacked his beat, might as well jack his themes too

  • honesty

    Should of put Jeremih on this record. Tank sounds too old for this cadence. He would be dope on smooth shit not this kinda hook tho.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Hook ruins the song

  • Ra’Nique

    damn lots of folks commented but not once said the common denominator… “I’m on one”, “My moment” & “She Don’t Put It Down Like You”… Common denominator here = the producer, T-Minus…

    in the words of Hov, “do U mutha fucca’z listen to music or do U just skim through it…”???

  • @Black Shady

    Dude dont you have ears? GTFOH

  • dll32

    @honesty /cosign Jeremih would have been a better choice

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