• Devante


  • Lethargic1

    Song is trash. I understand the trying to capitalize but this way? Hell no.

  • dmc

    He just just ghostwrite, I can hear diddy doing this song.

  • ualreadyknoo

    “you the reason why these labels think battle rappers cant make no songs”- r.i.p. calicoe

  • wale f
  • haaaaa

    that beat NEEDS SOME WORK y it sound like 2007 its 2012 get with the times lux u bout to kill the hottest line of 2012


    Nothing wrong with this joint. The song is decent. Bars on point, flow on point, good hook, and the production is cool. It might not be some thumping 808 but can we have some diversity? Thank you.

  • Iran The Race

    Needs a new beat, but other than that, i like it. #work

  • Rozay

    Nigga is gonna wear that catch phrase out like Gary “What you talking bout Willis” Coleman, catch phrases went out in the 80’s somebody needs to tell Tamar “get your life” Braxton that shit too, How Rude Michelle, remember that shit,fuck outta with that shit.

  • Black Shady

    with a title/catchphrase like that…I was expecting some BANGER……something to bump in the whip


  • onenutned

    calicoe wrote this….naw this shit good and a good way to keep riding that wave…good shit lux

  • prime dawg


  • wayy

    damn this is hard.

  • Nickey Negrito

    I dig it. I was expecting something a little more hard.

    I can see this playing at Football games or Basketball games or video games or something. It’s cool. It aint knocking Santino though.

    I’m gonna listen again again and again until i get that work. They should just play the hell out of this on radio and force ppl to love this like they do everything else.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I must be the ONLY person that think this guy is WACK.

  • wayy

    JustMyOpinion, that because you dont have brains to understand even 1 bar.

  • idoit

    Russell Westbrook killed this

  • Nickey Black

    Who is Russell Westbrook, and Lux is far from whack. Just needs to produce better tacks

  • Darrell Lee

    This is dope and people will vibe in a club or party to this. He needs the PERFECT to give em that work. lol. You have no ear if you can’t tell this is a hit. He just need to start paying DJs to push it all over and not just NY.

  • M.T

    i aint feeling it. should’ve approached it different. much respect to lux though.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Wayy I would explain myself, but then I’ll have to ask my little sister to paraphrase for me so you could understand.

  • “You the reason the labels think battle rappers can’t make songs”.

  • Anon DCPL

    track ain’t bad, but the beat is missing something, like a harder snare.

  • Pleasure Boy

    i thought by the comments that this is some kind of joke, this shit is fucckin good… Got that oldschool club vibe to it

  • Loaded Lux needs to get his business game on,
    all young entrepreneurs need to do the same thing, you do not need to be a rapper
    or have that BIG idea. this article is a brilliant explanation of how:

  • realest

    ya’ll must be tight jean wearing 14 year olds…. this shit is dope anyone hating is an obvious queer

  • Shit cool to me, maybe not his greatest “work” but you niggas tripping if you acting like he can’t make songs. That joint he got, Santino, is probably the toughest shit I’ve ever heard from a URL/Smack battle nigga

  • Showboat

    @JustMyOpinion Naw, man you aint the only one. I wasn’t feeling this at all. I get the idea “Made it a hot line, so make it a hot song”. If anything this plays into what Calicoe said “You the reason labels think battle rapper’s can’t make songs today.”

    He was telling the truth

  • @ showboat if you think Lux can’t make songs you need to do your research Loaded is one of the few battle rappers that actually does have song making ability and he’s released enough material to back it up, faar as the song its cool bars on point and good hood it just needed a better beat….but its not bad at all if it had the right push it could be big

  • real rap

    Shit is whack. Im disapointed lux, and u choked! Ed Lover voice: C’mon Son! You know u nicer than that… a casket…. suit…. shit was whack as hell.