New Video: The Kid Daytona “Fly Away”

Looks like The Kid Daytona racked up on his frequent flyer mileage. After the trip to PR, he jets over to Rome and Florence, Italy for his second video off his Summer Games mixtape.

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  • Black London

    “he jets over to Rome and Italy for his second…”

    Errr… I take it that you didn’t listen that much in geography class during your school days, as Rome IS IN Italy… you muppet.

    What a plonker…

  • Obama

    I really don’t wanna hate, but I’m having a hard time trying to understand why in the hell I would think this is in any way hot… Or even decent.. Or even not horrible.. Beat is wack… Video is boring and cliche.. And the dude rapping is trying WAY too hard… Sorry..

  • Obama

    And yeah, Rome is definitely IN Italy nigga….

  • 3rdRail

    Lol, at the previous comments. I was coming in to make the exact same comments. “Rome and Italy” lol

  • allo

    Ahahaha looks like mibbs (pac div) mixed with a bit of jay-z

  • KingTut