New Mixtape: Iggy Azalea Trap Gold

Keeping her hustle going, Grand Hustle’s leading lady arrives with her new collection of  music. With Juicy J as the only guest, peep the 11 titles and download below.

Download here

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  • Gambino

    Diplo as one of the exec producers. This might be worth a listen.

  • Cole World: Varsity Blues (J. Cole’s Sophomore Album)

    Who wouldn’t eat her pussy and then go to McDonalds to get a Big Mac, Milkshake, & Fries?

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Juicy doing big things ….

  • Grand Hustle

    Nicki who?

  • M

    this bitch wack.

  • kareem


  • Your Father

    Traps in Australia?
    Nigga, I’m lost and this title sounding like a rip-off of Gucci Mane’s Trap God mixtape.


    There is a beat on there that literally sounds like organized farts….no lie: Track 3. This shit is to sporadic for me. Niggas on malies with ADD will LOVE THIS!


    And seriously…She from fuckin Australia for Gods sake…I wish she embraced her tru self instead of obviously putting on a southern accent and making up Trap stories…I’m sure there are hoods there. But Traps…Kind of a “black” phrase. Shrugs…Still she can flow…

  • Murda Bidness

    Oh how I love this snow flake. She’s the best thing since sliced bread. She has so much cross over appeal it’s ridiculous. Ya niggas keep sleeping on Iggy. Watch!!!

  • mnka

    3 rappers i hope get hit by a truck:
    1. B.o.B.
    2. Iggy azalea
    3. B.o.B.

  • Lethargic1

    @mnka Let the truck hit reverse too.

  • WhiteNigga

    50 cent street king immortal leaked! A month before release. Damn

  • George Soros

    How does this identity crisis having hoe get more posts than meek mills album listening session?!

    Let that truck hit waynes ymca crew and mmg too!!

  • Midsize Jerm

    Ehh, I’d rather have Gucci’s Trap God, and that isn’t saying anything.

  • EDuB

    All I heard was Diplo!

  • butters

    Butterfly, one-eye covered = she’s a puppet.

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  • dodo

    gotta say, she flows better than most of these wack rappers.

    sad, but true.

    much respect iggy.

    keep ti out your circle, he’s too old.

  • Prrootteesstt

    Be yourself.

  • Cz

    TI had her doing songs just reciting shit he wrote for her. This is the first thing she’s done that sounds anything like that song “pussy” that got her recognition in the first place. Still not that good though.