New Music: RZA x The Black Keys “The Baddest Man Alive”

RZA and The Black Keys set the tone perfectly with the opening track to the soundtrack of The Man With The Iron Fists, which drops in stores October 23. The film itself lands in theaters November 2.


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  • Beautiful stuff here!

  • cness

    Black Keyes n Rza fuckin dope full album please

  • Teflonscribe

    I swear, RZA is on another level entirely. He took Bobby Digital from corner rapping, to some of the illest productions and movie scores ever composed. We talk about your LL’s and your Will Smiths, about how they penetrated Hollywood and evolved their brand to something sought after, respected, and recognized, but RZA has done exactly that also. I think Hip Hop fans forget that just because he’s not making mixtapes back to back and dropping albums annually that he’s somehow lost focus or his place in hip hop, but he’s on a much higher plain than most cats in the game. He’s in front of, and behind the camera of the big screen, and doing studio work that we barely even know is him until we see his name typed out. This cat is imprinted and set for life. Shoutout to Bobby, real shit!

  • Ghost

    Yeah this is cool. A little different.

  • PistolPistol


  • Tokyo Tony


  • chan

    If you havnt heard blakrock project check it out is the black keys with some of hip hops finest and the album is better than hip hop is. Real music!

  • HAQ


  • crysis

    nice collab dooopeee.

  • How Wonderful…

    RZA is definately on another level. Dudes stay talkin about Swizz Beats making moves, but RZA been scoring and doing other meaningful things for years!!! I still listen to the Ghost Dog soundtrack. The soundtrack and the score for that film is crazy.Cant wait for this soundtrack to drop!! As always Much Love from Staten…