New Video: Justin Bieber x Nicki Minaj “Beauty & A Beat”

Justin and Nicki get their feet wet at a water park for his new video. This was pretty creative but Nicki should’ve drowned her verse. Cop BelieveĀ here.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I think you niggas need to start broadening your posts a little, where’s the post about Shyne shitting on Drake ?? Cornell West shitting on Jay, ?? Bow wow getting his lambo repossessed ?? or maybe even go the MTO route & make up some shit , couldn’t hurt

  • Lethargic1

    “Nicki should’ve drowned her verse.” Win.

  • Trillionaire

    B.Dot bruh..The Bieber is on Rap Radar..the video good tho but….

  • haaaaa

    lol first comment…. they getting some mmg news before they post that other stuff

  • PistolPistol

    Just when music couldn’t get more fucked.. Smh
    This is “Rap” radar right?

  • big steve

    i feell like kanye dresses justin bieber look at his tank then kanyes from the birthday vid

  • SleepyKeemo

    This is like going to Best Buy and having somebody try to sell me Yarn.
    When websites lose their niche.


    this website is lame………………..bye.

  • Kobe

    I don’t see what’s so bad about her verse its just like any other verse from her. And what your mothers friend said ! !!

  • qwerty

    “Cop Believe here”

    I’m never coming to this website again.

  • Nicki’s verse was definitely not Garbage, and I would be the first one to tell you it was.

    She actually kept her verse relevant the “Selener” line was dope…I fucked with this song.

  • M.T

    I enjoyed the video. was expecting nicki’s verse to be horrible after reading the pos

  • M.T


  • That Guy

    B. dot you write well and sometimes you come up with some clever things but…really!? Do you not know your audience? Apparently not, because nobody wants to see this. Read this and take it to heart: We came here for hip-hop, not hip-pop, soft-hop, or queef-pop. And Nas is effortlessly greater than Jay-Z.

  • CJF

    why didnt jus push nicki in the pool, washed those garbage bars

  • CaliSwag818

    Coming to this site is like rubber necking traffic..watching a car wreck..this site is trash and I will keep coming back!!! Sad but true you guys get worst everyday!!! Great job hip hop cornballs.

  • he looks like a child in a small swimming pool.