New Music: Gucci Mane “Truth (Jeezy Diss)”

Uh oh, the saga continues. Don’t ever call Gucci “retarded“. He extends an invite below.

What up I would like to invite Young Jeezy & any other sucker to my TRAPGOD release party at DOA 10/17 We can address any unresolved issue. I Radric Davis aka Guwap bet 100K I can and will beat Jeezy ass#JUSTTRUTHS


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  • Post no billz

    Beef is back.. i wanna hear jeezy call out ross gucci n blue

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    “go dig ya partner up nigga bet he can’t say sh*t”


  • Post no billz

    must admit gucci goes in.. that verse is so disrespectul specially that dig up your partner line

  • KingJuggaNott

    Them niggas is so fucking emotional it’s a shame.

  • This shit fuckin sucks

  • Chu Chu

    Its gettin heated, jus got in that nigga ass

  • Fuck A Republican

    Gucci caught a body. That will always haunt Jeezy although he’s sold records and established himself.

  • Mile sniff

    Man… These nighaz need to chill.. We dont need no mo murderz down here in the A. Our black people in a major recession and an affirmative battle right now.. Personally, if i had yall money, i would be like juicy j.. Trippy getting my dick sippy from these hoes.. Fuck the dumb shit!

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    FaNs of Both the shit is unneceSsaRy

  • Seriously, something either gonna happen to Jeezy or he gon have to lay somebody down. He got too much shit going on with too many niggas, he bound to run into somebody. Whoever gets caught slipping is taking that L, I just hope it’s a L you can come back from…

  • HIp hop is dead

    gucci mane really stooped to a new low on this one, speakin ill of the dead which he killed, and leave Tip’s name outta this smh

  • the void

    gucci needs that attention lol. jeezy dont need to respond. although, jeezy will go platinum again and gucci will still only be coming out with free music. damn! i like both rappers too. bet alley boy does another diss song.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Y’all know what’s the irony of all this? When thismwasmgoing on between Tupac and Biggie (not saying this is anywhere close to it) radio stations (blogs weren’t as popular)”condoned it. They played interviews, songs and NO one ever said “you know what, I’m not playing any diss records, imwillmpromote peace.” It’s not until, both were killed, we heard “we gotta stop this east coast/west coast beef.”

    Realistically speaking, ALL mediums are promoting this crap and forbid someone get killed they all will be forget they were instrumental in promoting this crap. This is REAL these cats are street dudes for real. They just don’t rap it,they live it.

    Hopefully, these sites/raid stations will take the lead. Hopefully *shrug shoulder*

    ***the saddest part is the “fans” act as if they’re in the respective rapper crew by “riding” for them on sites. Smh.

  • M.T

    lmao niggas were always complaining about hip hop being boring and not enough beefs….well now here it is….

  • the void

    i know freddie gibbs cant wait for jeezy to give him the OK to ride all these rappers disrespecting jeezy.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Ha its shit on Jeezy day. Jeezy talking about Gucci retarded lol a retarded nigga murked your partner Jeezy. Nothing he can say will ever top that.

  • cte m1ke

    nigga got dissed by 3 rappers in a span of 3 days lmaooo

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Fick Freddie Gibbs BMF/Bricksquad will have one of their lil niggas knock his noodles out of his peanut head. Yet to see any action from CTE Jeezy getting punked, Slick Pulla is irrelevant and stay getting beat up, Game just nighty nighted 211. Truth always comes to the light.

  • Noname

    hip hop is dead.



  • Lou Raw

    and the willie lynch theory continues to shine in the black community. jeezy is above these childish antics

  • Mike Strong

    “Go dig ya partna up nigga, bet he can’t say shit!” DEEEEEEEAAAM…..HAAAAAA-HAAAAAAA

  • why does gangsta gibbs need to wait on jeezy to diss anyone? you can’t drake this situation. he’s a grown man b. on another note, gucci wrecked this.

  • lody Mack

    I know Atlanta not that big to where these two haven’t bumped into each other.. Stay tuned.. Jeezy better take of Meech..

  • YungCarter

    Shit Just Got REAL!!!!!!

  • catch a body

    on some real shit, for those who don’t know…every fake, phoney, liar in every walk of life gets exposed at some point. not taking away for making good records, but jeezy has never been real. I first learned that when he never knew the real price on them thangs. then he dry snitches in songs, using the codes nigs use to tip of the whiteys. but these the type of nigs yall respect?

    this is why i always said the wakas, pastor troys, guccis are necessary, they are not trying to be super lyrical, they make music for the real hood nigs, not you fake as rap hood nigs. but maybe I dont know, i’m just a nig with a big ten bachelors degree

  • CaliSteppin

    Gucci fucked up by getting Tip into this. Tip and Jeezy run Atl and there about to ether Gucci!

  • SOSA


  • that damn lifer

    Everybody needs to shut the fuck up. Talking about who’s real and whose not. None of you are getting paid enough to where you should be talking shit about a two people who make more money in a day than you will in your life. Gtfo with that shit. Get back to your fat uggly bitch and no money ways.

  • IIG

    I like Gucci, but there was no need to bring TI into this.

  • KingJuggaNott

    TI? Why did he have to drag who he WAS fucking and WHO fucked her into the shit? I’d you didn’t fuck her why are you bragging on the next mans dick? Well, what else would you expect from a nigga with a ice cream cone on his face?

  • prettysaddity

    I cant see Jeezy coming out with a diss record that will even come close to topping this…………and if he does, we wont see it til 2017 like that album that he’s supposed to be working on!

    And shut up about this all being ignorant. Look at the site your on and who you listen to musically.



    When you talk like U ill Gucci. I call a spade a spade “accident murdera” get back to the money, Bum. Get grown or get gon

  • MC bob

    see gucci NEEDS this , jeezy playing into these beef games again, but doesnt need to , but gucci can use this whole -(all of a sudden BTW) beef as a way to get his name back out there even if its on a lower street scale, but attention is attention. press is press, but jeezy definitely struck a nerve on the interview , cause this was a quick response. gucci will always have that body over jeezy though.

    Gucci diss record>> Blei Da Vinci diss record..

  • It was so real in the ATL in 2005

  • MC bob

    and @JustMyOpinion is right these radio stations, media whatever is promoting this shit, Charlamagne, Angie and them brought jeezy name up and pretty much egg’d this shit on in a sneaky way, they know these two nigga got history, sure, gucci said what he said, but they wanted that. R.I.P my ass. Stop the violence my ass. they help promote this shit

  • Muscle Man

    this shit is stupid grow up and move on

    song is terrible as well

  • lll

    The dig up your partner line is taking it too far.
    If Jeezy took it seriously, this is no longer diss-diss beef.

    The rest of the song was terrible tho

  • King

    You all are glorifying him cause he “caught a body”…

    But you all forget how them BMF and Crip dudes tortured him in jail.. Knocked out all his teeth, etc..

    This is gonna be corny.. I dont see Jeezy Responding


    Here we go again…….. Stay strapped killed every diss he made towards Jeezy

  • Scrilla

    First Drake was the guy to diss now Jeezy is

  • Scrilla

    but i will agree it’s better than that terrible diss bleu made

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is trash. Gucci is a living legend? hahaha. Gucci opened up a can of worms Keyshia Cole and Diddy were getting it in?

  • King T

    Gucci disses, Jeezy handles biz. This shit is desperate #Snow

  • quese

    jeezy already said he wouldn’t respond

  • “accident murdera woman beater junkie wack rapper and Retard



  • Where is the BEEF LOL

  • Mark

    Bringing T.I. Into this wasn’t a good idea! You know that boy gone go hard and him and his dude jeezy together can’t be stopped

  • Cam

    Finally Gucci has made a diss song that was better or the equivilant to Jeezy’s “Stay Strapped”. Somebody is going to die as a result of this shit. I see it coming. Gucci fucked up with that “Go & dig ya potna up, bet he won’t say shit” line. That was personal. Now it ain’t rap no more. Niggas finna get shot, now. Jeezy aint gone say shit. Its just gone be shooters. Watch.

  • fukahater

    broke niggaz releasing diss tracks were dis nigga last album at no hits an were the fuk he a trapgod a rap nigga c”mon man shit i done seen it all

  • fukahater

    u just got out of jail a couple of months ago but u going at a nigga doing better than u sell 100k n the first week never has he done dat hes a mixtape rappr an still dont got da streets (trapgod) ha.

  • Rozay

    Damn this shit is so disrespectful, hahaha, finally Gucci came with some shit against Jeezy I like, he bodied Jeezy with the line “go dig your partner up , Bet he can’t say shit” ethered his ass.

  • The Real Truth

    If you never lived in Atl you would never know that ppl mess with Gucci wayyyy harder then Jeezy and its been like that for the past 5 years….

    I seen Gucci out, he got everything that Jeezy and the rest of them have, and he dont sell no records… so that should tell u something…..

    but the bottom line is this…. Jeezy tried to get that man killed and like he said he’ll never forget that, and Jeezy gotta live with the fact that he got one of his homeboys killed for it, they asked Gucci a question in the interview, he answered it honestly… Jeezy called him slow and thats why he dissed him….truth is Jeezy on some fuck shit and them niggas thats messed with him before (BMF) they dont mess with him anymore…. so its about to get real in

  • Real

    LOOOOOL!! Jeezy getting served by Gucci..Jeezy only tuff when he walking with his 40 homies..Gucci proved tht he gets it in dolo..Tht dig up u homie line was the hardest line ina minute

  • dammit man (corny dj envy voice)..

  • Blsckvisaboy

    Gucci came out with a song about jewelry and got the hottest rapper in the south at that moment on his record. Fans bought the ringtones & song on iTunes, The rest of the album still flopped. Went to the Mixtape circuit, started rapping about bricks & gang banging then got well known. Where is the proof that he grew up like that??? Jeezy was affiliated with BMF & grew up in Macon Georgia where there are nothing but crips. Jeezy did the smartest thing he could do by isolating himself when BMF started to fall, at that time, he had just got picked up by def jam. IF YOU ARE A RETIRED CORRECTIONAL OFFICER, YOU HAVE NOT RIGHT TO THINK YOU’RE DEMETRIOUS “BIG MEECH” FLENORY! IF YOU GOT AN ICECREAM CONE TATTED ON YOUR FACE, YOU CAN’T DENY THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE MENTAL ISSUES! FUCK THIS BULLSHIT IM DONE!!!! #RNS

  • RAF


  • Ill tell you right now jeezy wont say shit…listen to the interview. There no need to


  • Jack Bahlzak

    Where the fuck my burger at?!?

  • listen

    This ain’t jay vs nas. This ain’t ja vs 50. This is pac shot in quad studio level.

    If a nigga put a bounty on my head, send a shooter, and I body the nigga….of course Ill be disrespectful. He tried to kill me. Its forever respect or I’m dumping again!

    Classic lines :

    Fuck yo bitch and the clique you claim -pac

    He got hit like I got hit but he ain’t tucking breathing-50

    Jj Evans get gunned up and clapped quick.-nas

    Dig ya partner up bet he cant say shit.-gucci

    Jeezy lost.

  • Hardest diss song I’ve hard, think about it have we ever had a “diss” track from a artist that has actually killed someone and rapped about it? This the diss song Gucci should’ve put out years ago. I honestly don’t think this will go far.

    On another note, my cousin is D-Shot from BMF and I remember him telling me a story about that Snow Man chain… Very interesting, Bleu is a bully just know that.

  • mike

    Somebody is gonna die

  • listen

    Above fucking breathing.

  • The Guy

    Gucci Who?

  • floridaboy


  • yung

    lol at him doing the most to exclude T.I. after mentioning his name once, that nigga know he can’t fuck wit’ Tip on the mic

  • 1RichKid

    It’s not beef it’s entertainment, this what rap niggas do when their about to drop a mixtape or album, real niggas don’t argue over a rap beat, they handle their problems in the streets without all the media attention, real Hip-Hop fans know what’s real beef. In my opinion Pac and Biggie, 50 Cent and Ja Rule was the last real Hip-Hop beef, if you ask all these niggas why they beefing I bet they can’t tell you. Rappers drop diss tracks cause blogs, media and fans love it, this is a prime example of ‘imaginary beef’ , niggas make so many diss tracks about a imaginary beef/problem till they really start to believe they really hate each other.. niggas got’s to do better… Stop using the words ‘real nigga’ and ‘beef’ so lightly and call it what it is ‘bullshit, rap niggas trying to sell album’ .

  • Rozay


    Pac and Biggie made diss songs and they died behind beef, Ja and 50 made diss songs and fought each other, and last time I checked this isn’t an imaginary beef and somebody got killed, your theory may be true in other cases but not this one.

  • BoyWonda26

    I second everything @JustMyOpinion said. The sh!t ain’t no joke

  • listen

    Cosigning rozay. This is the opposite of fake.

    Bounty. Shooter. Body.

    This ain’t t.I. vs shawty lo.

    Or jay vs Jim Jones.

  • g2g mafia


  • Del

    fuck the beef… can we talk about how much this fuckin’ sucks… I never heard what niggaz like about this guy

  • Jungle

    Hardest gucci I’ve heard

  • dodo

    how old are these guys?

  • GOOD DISS TRACK…… Jeezy would still body it thou

  • toy t

    1)Ayesha Says- Its nice to hear Lupe’s sister back on the intro….i was eccstatic when i saw the title when the track listing was revealed…

    2)Strange Fruition- Soundtrakk!!! This is a great great great intro track…..A swindled generation with no patience, full of swag Man, they so impatient with the stations that they have As long as they look good when they be doin’ bad Then the separation from the truth is gettin’ vast, fast Be a slave at first or free at last….Lupe is always dropping knowledge….Baptize your mind, let your brain take a bath….as he raps you can visualize what he is saying….Love this trackk

    3)ITAL(Roses)-Love the way hes teaching the youth (and other rappers) in his lyrics….all positive…1500 have a good bulk of production on this album and this track is one of my favs…i love how he looked at Obama from other ppls eyes as they ofcourse call him a terrorist….and its not just about Obama, he means all previous presidents….

    4) Around My Way (Freedom aint Free)- What Lu did to this track is above and beyond what i expected after i 1st heard it…Pete Rock should have bin happy that Lu did such a good job with the beat that Pete infact sampled….the lyrics in this song are ridiculous and its an amazing history lesson….(Lifts his glass of water and cheers everyone)..a single like this should be going platinum but “the people” cant understand something this smart in music….and the video is amazing…taking shots at all “bling” rappers…hahahah rented car hahhahaaaaa…Genius..

    5)Audubon Ballroom- Were Malcom X got shot and killed…but its so titanic to be iced out That’s just scratching the surface like triple axels….lyrically ahead of the game…the beat is perfect…love this track….

    6) Bitch Bad-Perfect…from lyrics…to Beat (audibles)(i was worried at 1st)…to video….to point being provin…this song has so much meaning….

    7)Lamborghini Angels- My favorite track….hands down…the beat is ridiculous…the message is crazy…the chorus is a great sample from my favorite mixtape E.O.T.S….PERFECT….

    8) Put Em Up-Power song..1500 excellent beat…Lu’s Killing the game…this shows that hes the best….he states only 2pac is topping me but i think hes the best to do it….love the word play with the word king in the 1st verse…the whole song is ridiculous…

    9) Heart Donor- Everyone hates on the “ladies section” on the album…i like it…good fit…why not? biggie did it….pac did it…and the ladies love it…the lyrics are still there…good shit

    10) How Dare You-when Lu 1st announced the title and that it was gonna serve as a single on the album and be realease on 9-11 i honestly thought it was gonna be a heavy political, conspiracy theory song….hahahhaha waaaaay off….but still i like it and it still had lyrics…”and im a hold my baby down like a car seat” hahha i love it Lu playing around with his raps….enjoy it people

    11) Battle Scars-Everyone can relate to this song because everyone goes threw shit…easy to adapt to this song…

    12) Brave Heart- this song is sick from the lyrics to the beat!!!!! Runners beat is raw and lupe destroyed it! top of his game

    13) Form Follows Function- This reminds me of “failure”…you gotta give it a tons of listens to slowly get it…hes just showing off that he definetly is the best…Infamous killed it…great beat…Lions won’t cross the line
    Cougars won’t move a paw Chickens won’t cross the road Dogs won’t roof at all Always had flow, just added a front door, roof, and walls…wow

    14) Cold War-Hums hard in the truck…1500…great beat…great story…great lyrics…you ain’t fuckin wit my mannnnnnnnnn

    15) Unforgivable Youth- This guys story telling is ridiculous…he just paints a picture and you see it while your listening to the song…Good Work King David….powerful..

    16) Its Hood Now- This song is excellent…love 1500…love what Lu did here and what he said…plenty of meaning…

    Overall this album with the contents it has….school lessons…history…real life storys…Real Life Events…is a masterpeice…10/10…thank you Lu

    Thank God for Lupe Fiasco…

  • BK

    It’s wrong to speak ill of the dead. They can’t defend themselves. (Gets off the soapbox)
    But at the end of the day, Jeezy knew what he was doing when he sent that hitter. If your gonna be upset that Gucci’s talking reckless about your dead partner, shit you shouldn’t have sent him in the first place!

    Mark my words though, bodies are gonna fall cause of this.

  • Homie

    Damn so we going back to 2005 all over again? i actually blame the Breakfast Club and interviewers like them for baiting niggas into the statements they make, for what? Ratings? . Then when these fools hurt each other, everybody in media hangs their heads and says “What a sad day for hiphop” Hypocritical.

  • Jungle


  • realwickwickwack

    Can´t respect a rapper with no flow and passion in his voice

    he sounds retarded,nonchalant nucca

  • haaaaa

    no diss jus threats tip better get back at him

  • Dsunn

    GUCCI!!!! > cheezy

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Unfortunately someone will die…And “we” the fans will get will get what we always down rappers for…not being “real enough”. Congratulations…Welcome to the new “Greece”.

    Order of events are as follows:

    Beef > Beef gets hotter > Hypocritical blogs and radio push it > Bloggers support it > Someone dies >…THEN “we gotta stop this killing”.

    …We are the only race that DIES for music and fame (That ironically brings us down while creating it). Think about that. Good luck reinforcing stereotypes everyone!

  • damn, anybody that even try to say gucci didnt go in, is just plain dickriding for jeezy..

  • lol im everybody talking bout dudes dying….lol these dudes is heavily in the public eye, there might be some broken bones and stitches/robberies, but aint no bodies gonna get dropped, lol it wouldve been happened..

  • look rappers are wwe all these niggaz… real talk if i was jeezy i wouldn’t go to that party its a set up any street nigga know that

  • buzz

    that Jay & Nas beef could’ve got real too, i know ya’ll remember months ago when they released that staged hanging of Jay thas Nas was going to do back in 2002, thank god they didnt release it , the whole State property , Nas squad , all them niggas would’ve been locked up i swear, Jay too, on some kingpin type shit. Yall know i aint lying.

  • chillthrills



  • phatpocketz

    erbody from Atl knw Jeezy is a FAKE, thats y u hav real street niggas like BMF calln his bluff. Gucci has real street credibility in Atl n will fuck Jeezy up. Gucci only went to those halfway houses to get his jail time reduced(smart move). I knw T.I. is more lyrical than Gucci, but T.I. never responded whn Gucci dissed him a few years ago like he did with Lil Flip, so T.I. is scared of Gucci also.

  • tris

    Jezzy is a bitch nigga if he doesnt do something. His “street cred” will be gone and so will his album sales

  • macc

    Gucci stupid wacky n always has been

  • trav

    LMAO Gucci clownin Jeezy saying hes gunna put them paws on him haha. Jeezy better say or do something

  • Liquid?

    Accident Murderer, act like you killed on purpose.
    Liars brag you put work in
    You ain’t mean to murk him your gun’s a virgin.

    Shut the fuck up GUCCI. You didn’t mean to kill anyone you retard. Go back to that psych ward.

  • WOwwww

    Gucci give it a rest, he’s an emotional rapper who got bullied and is traumatized by it. Now he wanna jump on the wagon with Ross fat C.O. ass and think it’s strength in numbers. Gucci came down to Savannah with High and Jeezy paid for his chain to get snatched. Yeah folks in the A rock hard with Gucci, but ya’ll a city of fakers. NOBODY respect ya’ll. Ya too damn phoney and like Jeezy said Niggaz just acting!! Jeezy shitted on him and now he want some get back ten years later. Get the hell outta here. Gucci is a living legend? I think not. Andre 3000 is a legend, Big Boi Cee-lo, goodie Mob, T.I.,What kind of legend is Gucci. Ya’ll ATL folks show how slow ya’ll are. Short bus shawtys!!!

  • jeezy

    ohhh dis shit just got personal!

  • Ghost

    Gucci’s killing Jeezy. Gucci is a killer, Jeezy fears him.

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