Consequence Names Next Album

Cons recently chatted with the folks over at Montreality and revealed the title of his sophomore set, Start Your Own Business. At the 6:16 mark, he then kicked a rhyme. Movies On Demand 4 coming soon.

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    he’s blackballed for life.

  • DJ Pauls Arresting Officer

    Consequence is the only person that has a worser smile than YN. Both are losers.



  • tbd1983

    Did this douche co sign “Lil Chuckee” as a “lyrist” smh

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  • ItsTheConsFool

    Dope. COns I believe in you. If you’re looking for something new to inspiration this kid kinda sounds like a college drop out Kanye

  • hui Lu Kim

    DJ Paul Arresting Officer, not in YN’s defense, but learn better vocabulary before insulting someone.
    Worser is not a word. Worst suffice.

    However, YN is a loser.
    Carry on.

  • Your Father

    I’m not buying this album if Pooch Hall ain’t on it.

  • Homie

    He should name it Beats, Gums, and Teeth.

  • Cons is still ill.

  • brl

    Who is funding this album? Hope they’re prepared for loss. He looks like he’s wearing loose dentures.

  • @donricoesq

    >>>> @HOMIE – “They should name it Beats, Gums and Teeth”

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  • What is up with his teeth? Someone needs to ask that shit just so we can get that out the way. Are they real teeth. Was he in an accident? Im not tryna be funny.

    That catch freestyle was dope. Dudes a Decent rapper.

  • lowendtheory

    fuck cons. dude fucked himself. talked too much shit, and came off as a whiny little bitch. mad rapper bullshit. sad part is, dude is ill. dope flow, comes from that native tongues heritage. but all of that don’t mean shit when you act like a little bitch and shit on the only positive thing you had going for you.
    straight played yourself cons…