Jay-Z D’USSÉ Commercial

Don’t attempt to adjust your player. In slow mo, Hov puffs a cuban with a glass of his D’USSE VSOP for the cognac drink’s new ad. Cheers.

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  • mike

    First he took Hilfiger and phat farm (rocawear)money, then Cristal money(ace of spade) and now it’s Hennessy turn to take that loss.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”


  • Lakers

    Ooooo great. It’s gonna be one of those Rap Radar Days. Jay Z this. Jay Z that. Jay Z rides a camel. Jay Z is a camel. Post something about his music

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    sorry, but that shit was pointless.

    and lmao @ Lakers

    “Jay Z this. Jay Z that. Jay Z rides a camel. Jay Z is a camel. Post something about his music”

  • woopby50

    money everywhere…..jigga money making machine

  • M.T

    jay-z stays winning.

  • Kobe

    Lmfaoooo nigga said jay-z rides a camel, jay-z looks like a camel. #DeadAndBuried.

  • Kobe

    Oh is a camel rather lls

  • michelle michelle

    Jay always has great ads.

    You won’t catch him singing about what’s in a chicken wrap.

  • @ Lakers and @ michelle michelle

    Both of ya’ll won for today with those comments. I quit!

  • Evil

    Jay Z stay selling out.

  • bzeek

    yep just what the people need another booze to guzzle down and waste $ on smh

  • WestCoast


  • bzeek

    and yes i understand its supposed to be a high end cognac,but you know damn well these fools gonna be staggering thru the clubs and hoods guzzling it like its colt 45 out a forty bottle…sorry no hate

  • mike

    “jay say belvidere, now y’all drink the shit” -cam’ron
    Been doing it,

  • Honestly, I’m not feeling this “commercial”. Strikes me as more of a banner gif or something. You know he could have done more. I still re-watch NY-Z (the documentary he did with ABSOLUT) and this feels kind of lazy.

  • Attaboy

    It’s cool. Jay-Z trying to get his bread. It’s related to hip hop thou..cause Jay Z is hip hop. Not the best ad, but I didn’t expect too much other than this.

  • ChristyHines

    This ad shows that this Cognac will have you in s—l–o—w m—o—! Especially whilst puffing an ill 1