Jay-Z: The Power Of Our Voice


It’s politics as usual as Jay-Z gives an endorsement for President Barack Obama’s re-election. The second round of debates takes place tomorrow at 9:00 PM EST. Rock the vote November 6th.

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  • beaming

    Vote B-Rock!!!!

  • veesky


  • cness

    fuck Obama and Rhomney the only person who can save this county is Ron Paul unfortunately we are given two candidates that are more concerned with helping special interest group and stripping are constitutional rights. So vote for obama because Jay z told you and be a good sheep.

  • HOVAbuiltTHIShouse
  • Deadprez

    Sooo we’re just supposed to ignore the facts and vote for this motherfucking puppet because of what he “represents”?!?!? Fuck out of here with that bullshit.. So sick of watching the public be led astray…

  • How Wonderful…

    Ok, so Jay Z endorses Obama and is encouraging people to vote, my question is does he vote? Rappers stay talking about the importance of voting, but how many of them do it/ Besides, Romney nor Obama or any politician for that fact can dictate anyones economics on a small scale. People need to take control of thier own spending and stop spending every single dollar that they make.

  • kappy

    a vote for Barack Obama takes a vote away from someone who wants to get rid of government jobs, planned parenthood, and take away funding from places like boys and girls clubs, ymcas, and education. the republicans in congress are already making it more expensive for our children to go to school. we need to re elect Barack Obama to prevent this country from slipping further away from the greatness we achieved in the 90s

  • michelle michelle

    The only person whose American dream story is more unlikely the Obama’s is Jay’s

  • Trillionaire

    Lol…Obama got Bey & Jay on the campaign trial something serious.

  • Really tho…

    I’m voting for Brack because I’ve anaylzed the policies and for my family, my community, and the nation…I believe he is the best choice.

    Anyone who bases who they vote for on a celeb’s endorsement is an idiot.

  • The Throne!

    That smirk @ the end was priceless. While rappers are fighting at award shows and getting locked up SCC is brandishing his new arena with sold out shows and making political connects. Brooklyn only breeds winners. Not NY but BK!!!! BP4>>>>>>> Every Carter album.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Its an election year, I support strippers!

  • M.T



    Sorry but this emotional ass video doesnt explain how shit is gonna bet the same no matter what president you throw in the house white black mexican fuckin chinese it dont matter we live in a machine of you get this we get that but if we dont get that you aint getting this smh its just sugar coated to make you believe they fuckin shit rainbows and unicorns

  • Commentator of Common Sense

    I like how when ever there is a post about a politician all of the commenters on these hip hop sites who dick ride & bash rappers all day for their choices, and talk mad greezy become so opinionated and passionate about their OWN beliefs.

  • Dr. Tuna

    Anyone who votes for Obama is a fucking moron…and is also probably black. Just sayin’

  • Regular Guy

    You’re a fool is you don’t think HOV is the best ever to do it.

  • Dope.


    It’s funny how this guy endorses Obama on one post, but promotes genocide with a new liquor on another. i wonder how much they paid him for this………..just saying !!!!

  • Johnny

    I think the post was, “power of our voice”. In Spanish we say “su voz es su voto”. That’s all this is about, why people comment on why he is bad and isn’t good enough is ridiculous.

    I guess y’all forgot Diddy’s “vote or die” campaign. I’m quite sure rappers do vote, and even more so now in modern America.

    It’s tough to sit back and say he didn’t get the job done in a 4 year term for me. But I know what the last republican in office did, and that is something I won’t forget. Bring our COUNTRY to the brink of a DEPRESSION.

    So once again it was an endorsement ad. That’s what people with money do. But it also was an ad for do what you believe in. And come election night America will do just that.

  • Lil Gayne

    i’ll go the lupe way. i ain’t vote for nobody. sorry camel jigga…