New Music: Kendrick Lamar “Backseat Freestyle”

Hit Boy’s production takes a back seat on the latest leak from Kendrick’s debut. “Freestyles” are usually reserved for mixtapes and this probably should’ve been too. good kid, m.A.A.D city drops on the 22nd. Pre-order here.

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  • m.A.A.dness! 10.22.12

  • more bread plzzz


  • mike s

    Song’s called “backseat freestyle” it’s not actually a freestyle


    damn this is so….. average.

  • Kendrick?

    kendrick wtf? wasted beat.

  • prime dawg


  • “Freestyles are usually reserved for mixtapes and this probably should’ve as well.”

    Ross Radar hating as usual, fuck ’em. Freestyle/freeverse as in no concept, bass is backseat banging on some “A Milli” shit. This is the “Michael Jordan” of GKMC. A full length LP of thought-provoking records is a no-no, this will feel great in between the project and in the whip, on the radio, and in club. Kendrick is greatness.

  • yesssir

    i have to agree with B.Dot on this one though, like this beat is so nasty. It should’ve been used for a full song, or at least if it’s just straight rapping, a more aggressive Kendrick would’ve felt better.

  • Cz

    There’s nothing average bout the beat, shits sick. But so far from this and simming pools, it sounds like dres been telling him to change his voice too much like eminem did. And how he gonna mention Martin Luther King in a song just talkin bout bitches and fuckin the world??

  • M.T

    NOT feeling the production on this but kendrick did his thing. Overall this track was alright.


    how did he win lyricist of the year over nas???dude is nothing special

  • Cz

    ^go watch the west coast cypher from the bet awards this year

  • Ave

    B.Dot, get over yourself homie. Anyways, I refuse to listen to ANY track off this album until the 22nd. I need all this new Kendrick material to be heard at the same time.

  • Jacob

    @Cz I’m pretty sure MLK was into bitches I mean he did cheat on his wife

  • Nathaniel

    @B.Dot especially, but others too…

    nigga yeen even heard the album yet. that’s like listening to Nathaniel (no pun) on Aquemini in the form of a leak, and saying “oh this shoulda been on a mixtape”

    you’d think niggas listening ear would be mature enough at this point to hush till the collective body of work is ingested. then i’m sure it’ll make sense.

    just like that RIP Aaliyah joint from Section.80 etc etc etc.

  • JayChippa

    Eff what y’all sayin Kendrick and HitBoy did they thang

  • CaliSteppin

    Have yall heard the snippets from the album? Its going to be so dope

  • HB

    i like hit-boys production they usually remind me of those college bands during halftime .

    anyway kendrick sounds alittle like Kanye on here

  • Aggie Pride

    It”s okay probably the weakest track on the album.

  • that truth

    terrible. from the king intro to him yelling at the end in an attempt to sound like a man for once in his life. the hook here is i pray my dick get big as the eifel tower so i can fuck the world for 72 hours. then some shit about bitches. read that again. incredibly overrated rapper, cant wait for him to flop

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    This is dope but I might have to agree with B. Dot on that mixtape comment. Like I said, it’s dope but the replay value falls short, the beat is also dope but I don’t feel that it’s Kendrick’s base sound, and I also refuse to believe that this is 100% freestyled lol. Overall though, it’s a good listen and a whip banger, but nothing more. This track neither got me more hyped or more disappointed for his album, my feelings are neutral.

  • B.Dot was the only person in the universe to slate Cartoons and Cereal so I’m not gonna listen to this chump lol

  • Faded 4evaNaDay

    Kendrick got a lil wierd on this one but def still dope. Feeling the beat but how you talking replay value and the song only been out like an hour?

  • JayChippa

    @g-cass thank you


    yall are faggots



  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    @ Faded 4evaNaDay
    Is that a serious question? lol… But simple… when the song was over, I wasn’t anxious to hit the replay button. That’s how I feel the replay value is low.

  • Outletdj

    He said it himself you gotta listen to the album in order, this song will grow on you fools

  • Santa


  • flo

    G-Cass says:

    Monday, October 15 2012 at 7:19 PM EST

    B.Dot was the only person in the universe to slate Cartoons and Cereal so I’m not gonna listen to this chump lol

    LOL so true. stupid niggers = stupid niggers lets be real.

  • smgdh

    When the song was starting i was like damn this sounds like it’s gonna be massive then after 13 seconds on I was like “meh” this is for an album? Seems just “ehhh” plus the beat is redundant after a minute and gives me a headache. Sorry bruh i’ma fan but i’ma skip over this one on the album

  • smgdh


    Nikka if a song gotta grow on me maybe it aint that good of a song.

  • dragon

    i think this is trash. still a fan though.

  • Black Shady

    huge kdot fan…and i think every record we’ve heard so far off the LP is amazing

    but this one…just no!

  • Jaymalls

    Complete waste of a fire fuckin beat… SMH! Kanye need 2 start smacking some sense into Hit-Boy!


    whats with the hate this is fire so what kendricks havin some fun and changing his style a little on this i mean it is called backseat “freestyle” and u not hear how he switches up the style at the end i bet if this was a fuckin average “ima boss king of diamonds i lick her breasts” freestyleit would be considered the next big hit right? heard the snippers the albums gonna be fire

  • Gambino

    damn this is fuego…10th time listening to it in a row. HEATER.

  • Outlets I

    @smgdh now you just sound ignorant

  • lovend

    No-sign k dots homosexual uncles passing lil Kendrick around touchin his naked ass yo shit is nasty as fuck

  • trav

    its alright. good flow. something for the club

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    ??? smgdh’s comment was actually pretty accurate. How is that being ignorant? ~_^

  • eastpointvet

    guess im the minority i like this song and i think whoever said hearing this song out of context of the album can make a difference because it could fit perfectly depending on how the album sequenced.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Kendrick is getting a little too comfortable with this one, feelin’ the beat but he clearly didn’t give it his all…which is why I think he called it a freestyle…I mean, it’s not off the dome but clearly didn’t take the time as some of his other compositions, so I’m not mad, because he trying some new shit out and it ain’t half bad. At least he labeled a freestyle so you’re not like “Oh word this is what Kendrick all about on his album” because I don’t think it is. I liked it tho, I just expect more from Kendrick these days.

  • Outlets I

    Maybe I’m the only person that has heard songs that I don’t fuck with at first then I really dig them, anyways my point originally was that I fuck with this song and it will prolly flow nicely with the cd

  • Outlets I

    Ignorant was a little strong I shoulda said it in *stephen A smith voice* haha

  • stephen

    Kendrick does his thing right here & its hot. if your criticizing wait till your feeling good to listen to this because your straight up just getting your dislike on. this freestyle goes in & even defines freestyle under a new light cause the structure & sound of it.. this track didn’t live to the hype behind him about the album as a whole, but this isnt the album. murked it

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  • KillaK

    This is amazing. Kendrick the best out

  • Turtle

    Y’all really just don’t understand this song. Do you? This album is about growing up in LA, a mAAd city. This is fairly obviously modeled as a freestyle that you might just drop in the backseat. It’s a play off of typical freestyles.

    The chorus about fucking the Eiffel Tower is a reference to how, in freestyles, rappers always reference how big their dicks are and how much pussy they get. Listen to it again.

  • Goldenboy

    Won’t listen.. Waiting for the full product

  • If you look at the tracklist, this comes right before the Art of Peer Pressure. This song is “Backseat” freestyle, in the Art of Peer Pressure he’s sitting in the backseat talking about how they’re about to fuck shit up. Making a little more sense now???

  • Goldenboy

    That record with Drake will set this dude apart as the new King of the West

  • Mike smiff

    Just drop te damn album.. Enough of this ..

  • koO


  • WoopN

    Um…This shit is Hard as fuck. He’s letting loose the random side of his city and it sounds awesome.

  • Genesis

    Shits dope to me…. No need to defend opinions…. Namaste…..

  • HardeBaas

    Kendrick…what a beast! So is Hit-Boy. This staying on repeat till 22nd!
    Oh and BDot ain’t listening to the same track as I am I guess.

  • Alex Bada Bada

    @That Truth
    Damn dude, you sound like a heart broken chick..I mean I’m not a huge kendrick fan but I don’t want him to flop. He’s just another dude getting paid and living a dream. Get ya shit together and do you, rather than to hate on others. Don’t like it, don’t listen bro…Smart People talk about events, People of simple intelligence talk about people. Get a grip.

  • jtm

    I bet if Kendrick was MMG B. Dot wouldn’t hate on him…

  • ab-soul

    Eww, how the fuck dre gon’ let release this piece of shit ? This album can’t be as good as section 80 not to talk of control system, he’s still the shit though but not as good as before

  • macc

    that song stupit sick he on his way to being one of the dopest

  • ab-soul

    In all fairness maybe we expecting too much from, but is a classic too much to ask for ? Sick beat, but still just mixtape material. Can’t be as good as control system

  • YunG based god

    thank god he switched his vocals up i cant stand his voice

  • PistolPistol

    Voice is annoying as fuck. Average rhymes at best… What’s the hype about here?

  • Angelo

    After listening to the snippets, I can tell his album won’t live up to the hype of what fans want it to be…Still will cop & support but Roc Marci new album & Sean Price new album >>> Kendrick or Meek’s album

  • trav

    this is so average. the album wont be a classic for sure

  • ayyeee why u always gotta hate on kendrick? Lol This song go hard.

  • ayyeee why u always hating on Lol this song is prolly gon flow nicely with the album.

  • brl

    I’m not m.A.A.d. at this record. Kendrick has always been a bit quirky, but conscious. Hit-Boy is a bit overrated, in my opinion. It’s an 808 and a snare, calm down people. He’s no Timbaland.

  • Genesis

    Shit’s dope to me….. No need to defend opinions….

  • zezzoi

    im pretty sure this nigga has a concept album, and this will sound better in the place it’s in. who knows tho. ill reserve judgment for the album tho

  • Toni

    Am I too high or was I the only one thiknin he was mockin/dissin gunplay with that biatch go play shit?

  • JHP

    I’m a Kendrick Lamar fan but this track was kind of ass though to tell the truth, but there’s not a doubt in mind, the overall album will still be a classic debut

  • GEivani

    the dude is nice and all, and im sure his album will be pretty cool, but ya’ll already deeming the album classic, let ya’ll tell it and its : forget Andre 3k, Nas, Jay-z, BIG & Pac, .kendrick is the GOAT not saying he can’t/wont be one day but chill out

  • jada jada`
  • Cz

    So far this is honestly my favorite song I’ve heard off the album…shit
    grows on you, it’s catchy as fuck and the beats just too good

  • Lookatmenow

    Hey YN or B. DOT, y’all are a bunch of fools : ” ”Freestyles” are usually reserved for mixtapes and this probably should’ve been too”…