New Music: T.I. x Lil Wayne “Ball”

Stuntin to the max with Weezy, T.I. drops his new single produced by Rico Love and Earl & E. The video’s been shot and will be released October 22. Trouble Man arrives December 18.

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  • ayyeee

    Yall late as fuck! Lol i herd this joint 3 days ago smh

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This joint is wack. Plus you got Wack Weezy on it not a good look. Try again T.I.

  • Tyler

    They had it up 3 days ago but was leaked not official release

  • J

    Wow, the garbage levels of this song are unparalleled right now. Jesus.

  • ItsTheConsFool

    dooopppeee!!! wayne ur gonna sign ?

  • The Real Truth

    this shit sucks…. T.I. been missing lately outside of Trap Back…… this is terrible

  • blizz89

    what…wtf is this tip

  • Trev_Subhumans



  • Rappers mentioning “Molly” in every song that comes out now, is getting outta fucking hand! This track is corny as hell!

  • Yall late as fuck! Lol i herd this joint 3 days ago smh

    ^ Good for you. We heard the leak too, but we kindly took the post down for the official release.


    its ok for a club song. Its sucks to see one of your favorite artist struggling to find his sound. My opinion is that he has to quit worrying about haveing a radio song, a club song, a street single and so on. Like how many singles can you have before you drop the album. Dont worry about being a pop star and just make Tarp Muzik.

  • wayne verse didnt have nothing to do with the title of the song

  • Black Shady

    its sad to see T.I struggle for real……i mean….whats going on TIP? you supposed to be a superstar – drop 1 record and let it work itself….

    I dont remember the last TIP record I was like yeahhhhhhhh nigga!!! “Im Flexin” was the closest to it…

  • As Real As it Gets

    This is track troubles me man. smh

  • B.Dot

    LOL. that was a good one

  • Cz

    TI just get off the ectasy and start making songs with actual meaning again…can’t believe this dude was once one of my favorite rappers

  • George Soros

    Totally agree w @BBGUN

    Stop making tracks based on how you want the public to perceive them. Just knock out some good shit in the lab.

    Krit producing a good amount of tracks for Tip would be a step in the right direction

  • Capricorn Religion

    Damn T.I……. I don’t know man. Music wise, its looking bad out there for you.

    Your did your thing at the “B.E.T Hip Hop Awards” (Cypher wise) but, that joint you perform wasn’t. . . Well, it wasn’t “Up” there if you get what I’m saying. Because, I still look at you as the “Next in line” dude that was about to reach Legend status,,,

    “King” had dropped an gain Critical success, “ATL” was killing shit in the movies, T.I. vs T.I.P was cool, Singles, etc. “The public” had you next in line, BEFORE wayne mind you but, since those arrest, Eh.

    “Paper Trail” was a good start to begin with but, ANOTHER arrest happen an, after that, I think “The Public” just snatched the attention off you. Now we are left with shit like this. A throwaway record that wont serve a Impact in the future Damn

  • LDN12


  • Evil

    Song is OK,nothing more nothing less.
    Why did he have Wayne on it,he is on everything,fuckin sick of the guy.
    Hope his next single will be doper than this and with no feats

  • hui Lu Kim

    man, this is some wack stuff.

    Was he serious or is he trolling with song?

    Wow, Wayne said, I keep the L lit up like a elevator. he’s nice?

  • T.I.’s Budget Director

    I told him to just go with I’m Flexin, because it was solid, and his name and a quality album would do the rest.

    But no…he wants to do Lil Wayne, Drake, numbers…well guess what like four rappers do those type of numbers and he’s not one anymore.

    Nothing to be ashamed of: Nas, Face, Big Boi, etc. dont do huge numbers, but they make quality albums, make bread, and have a career.

    So when he turned this in last week, and I went to our staff meeting trying to pitch this, I just shook my head…

  • big steve

    wayne uses “pop that pussy’ in every song jesus man come up with some new shit

  • Kobe

    Y’all said the same shit about “Turn on the lights ” and that joint topped the billboard. Moral of the story ? Rap blog sites esp this one is full of nothing but trolls who’s opinions are mostly trendy. Y’all are hating cuz big hommie hated on it when he first posted it before taking it down.its “cool” to hate Wayne now so every troll disregards nything he does. But the people that actually matter, people who don’t listen to Music to critique but for the pleasure of it, you know those who pay for music…they don’t be up on here that’s why Wayne can do 1 mil first week and slaughterhouse does 60k no offense to the house .

  • haaaaa

    you was the man 4 years ago wtf happend to you ………….. ohhhhh yea 50 death blow hard to survive
    rip cam/dipset/gunplay/jarule/youngbuck/oliva/game/cassidy/diddy(musically)

  • Leon

    This has an old cash money feel to it especially Wayne’s verse its gonna bang in the clubs with the ladies dancing to it

  • @donricoesq

    TRACKBACK Jumpin> This piece of shit – TI has clearly disconnected with the audience

  • smgdh

    *facepalm* ugh music succccccckkkkkkkkssssssss now like seriously

  • Cz

    @kobe I don’t think anyone’s denying Wayne used to be dope…but come on dudes mediocre nowadays, I still listen to his new music, and 90% of it is straight garbage. And lil Wayne sells 1 mill because he sold the fuck out and went pop-rap and has the simplest rhyme schemes so people can sing along to it. Slaughterhouae doesn’t sell because people listen to it once, can’t catch half of what they’re saying and just discard it.

  • blockburner83

    sounds like a jacked beat to me. from b.g. – true story

  • DJ Game

    awful. just stop. continue doing movies, television, etc. NO MUSIC! You won’t top Trap Muzik or Paper Trail.

  • g2g mafia

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  • Eh

    LATEEEEE plus this song is wack as fuck. Old ass rappers shouldn’t mention ecstasy period. Leave that to the young people. Dudes 30 mentioning ecstasy #FAIL

  • the brain trust

    This sounds like a never ending nightmare. Top candidate for worst song of the year.

    C’mon TIP. You better than this.

  • PEEP


  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Geez… Am I wrong for actually thinking this is okay? lol…

  • Really tho…

    His album will be a fail.


    Because he’s doing it backwards. He’s trying to make a successful album first sales wise and a great album second-think 50 Cent. It’s all about “finding the singles”

    The correct way-the way most classic albums are made-is just try to make a great album-and then figure out how to sell it.

    Think if someone told Jay about RD or Nas about Illmatic: theres no single here, lets do this song called “Ball”. It would sound contrived and look like an obvious ploy for radio. Yes Biggie had Juicy, and Outkast had Elevators..but those songs fit into the feel of the album.

    It’s nothing worse than album that’s not an album (think The Fix or Amerikkkas Most Wanted) but a collection of a club record, a down south record, a party record, a lady record, etc.

    I’m a firm believer you make music first, then try to sell it.

    If you do that well you MAY have a big seller, but you’ll usually always have a great album. And great albums keep your core base returning (Nas, Bun B) long after new mainstream fans have left.

  • Really tho…

    Forgot to say. Every artist has their high peak.

    Jay will never sell 5 mil again (Vol 2)

    50 will never do 11 mil again (GRODT)

    Nas will never do 2-3 mil again (It was written)

    Partly because people dont sell records like that anymore. But also because every artist, has their “Thriller”. That album that is lightening in a bottle. You cant plan it, you cant create it, ti just happens, it’s not forced.

    T.I. needs to accept that he’s not top tier “hot” anymore-that’s Wanye, Drake, Ross, or whatever flavor of the moment. But he can always stand on being Tip and making great music. I mean we didnt like Paper Trail or King or Trap Muzick because they sold well (though they did) we liked em because they were great albums!

  • M.T

    go get it>ball
    this is garbage. still have hope for this album though.

  • @M.T.

    true dat.

    I thought Flexin and Ball were solid, but compared to his they’re “Nuthin but a G thang level.”

  • Scrilal

    Weezy best rapper alive

  • prez

    T.I… you’re slippin… why the fuck would you make a song with that piece of shit wayne… Get back on your game for realll… get off this bs.

  • Real Talk.

    Ain’t no southeners up on here? The song says ball and it has a girl’s ass as the cover art. It’s purely bounce music. Idk about yall but we can’t get live to No. Id beats or w/e beats yall deem as dope in the club down here in the south. We prefer to have shit that hoes can shake their asses to. Also when a female is in front of me bouncing that ass on my dick, last thing I’m worried about is how complex a rapper’s verse or rhhyme scheme or w/e is. All I care about is the beat, the catchy hook and most importantly the broad in front of me, Tip was reaching for the clubs with this one and imo he got it. Wayne’s verse was weak but who cares for the verse on a joint like this.

  • matrix

    Yall be tripping on these sites i tell ya there is nothing wrong with this song this shit sound like some throwbacc cashmoney ish right here…shit is a good song weezy aint fugg it up too bad either yall got to stop comparing his traccs to the shit he made before those were then this is him now take it for what it is smh…stop trippin…

  • I l3ang ur sis

    Weezy best rapper alive

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**


  • buzz

    HOES WILL LOVE THIS , young niggas will like it for Waynes verse. outside of that,,.,,,,EH! not what i was expecting from TIP, pretty sure the video will do it justice though.

  • buzz

    also 100% agree with whoever said big KRIT should’ve produced majority of TIPs album

  • Gooch

    This a bounce beat so Wayne actually attacked it perfectly being from New Orleans he know what to do with the beat because that’s what he grew up on. With that being said the song as a whole is not good cause tip and flow with it right

  • It’s Just Different

    Tip got one

  • put Mayne Ishu on the remix!!! Drake ain’t the only nigga from Toronto!! holla

  • Mike smiff

    This is nice.. It ain’t for NY people.. This fur the souf..

  • TI C’MON G.

  • Yup

    This shit hitting…dope pregame and club shit…plus I think y’all missing the “real hip-hop” nature of the song too. It’s paying homage to NO Bounce Music, DJ Jimi Where They At and Showboy’s Triggerman

  • Shooga

    My ears… Bleedin

  • cory

    ain’t this what YN just did a post about?
    they hop on fads in hope of regaining lost popularity, when really they should just focus on making good music that they want to make.

    i dunno what happened to real artistry but it ain’t here…

  • Da Truthh

    what else is new all these over and over titles and Bullshit raps.

  • the realist

    Could’ve been better.. seems too forced to get that N.O. sound.. should’ve been T.I. ft Wayne & Juvenile cuz Juvenile’s voice would go great with this beat

  • the realist

    and what’s with the flat ass on the cover?

  • Cz

    Southerners are borderline retarded so it doesn’t surprise me this is the music they listen to…southern rap ruined rap

  • Cz

    If you just want music to dance too just find dope beats…like someone said you don’t even really listen to the words

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  • nexus

    these fools career are over.

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  • Haveclass

    Anyone from New Orleans knows this song has the iconic (Triggerman) Drag Rap beat from The Showboys and the phrase that pays “It must be your ass cause it ain’t your face”. Down here that gets EVERY ass shaking.

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