• Batman

    YN i agree with you for the most part; LL Cool J is a legend and shouldnt be trying to rap like today’s music, like rapping about “molly” and “ratchet”–nigga should stick to acting money anyways. Eve is pretty much a legend too– i dont know why shes dropping shitty music like that either. And Fat Joe can still make some hits, but that song “Instagram That Hoe” was awful. Props

  • The Real Deal

    No. Just the old schoolers that dont gerase your pockets eith enough money for you to promote them every month. This game is pay to play and we know it and we aint taking it anymore. Out

  • The Real Deal

    grease your pockets

  • Black Shady

    real talk

  • haaaaa

    YN runnin with or feed back and taking all the credit you need to shout our us your bloggers and give us credit instead of taking our shit n run with it like u though about it yourself TRUTH

  • YNsux

    “Pride n Joy” was uplifting to women? “And even if she all about the money , I dont really care”??? Instagram that Hoe bumps in Perfections and in this “ratchet’ society we live in, it fits. People forget that urban radio is currently filled with “ratchet” songs. Bands a make her dance (Juicy J is at least 40), 2chainz whole existence ( he pushing 40 too) Pop that??? Yn i think YOU are trying to hard and should let someone without gray hair make the age appropriate comments.

  • chillthrills

    point well taken,,,but as long as long they have fun in what they do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there is no need to fit in,

    LL has always been rapping about chicks in some form or fashion,,,unfortunately ignorant songs are the norm in this day and age,,,,fat joe should know better,,,but he is influenced by his surroundings,,
    dem niggas over there>>>>>,,,lolol,,

    personally i thought eve was a rap no pun intended,,,,,,they could have given us something to believe in however,,,there struggle isn’t the same anymore,,,,,and the urgency to redirect the wack ass energy in hip-hop now is not there,,,in order for a significant change,,it has to start on the executive level


    It baffles me how much ya’ll attack this dude as if he owes ya’ll something. Wow. Are you all even males? WTF.

    In any event…on topic. I agree that older artists are reaching wayyyy too much.

  • chillthrills

    ratchet wasn’t that bad,,,,it LL this is what he does,,,,from” doo wop” to “im that type of guy” “big ole butt

    L always raps about chicks so what else is new

  • Midsize Jerm

    I think if anything they aren’t trying hard enough…depending on popular topics of the day instead of innovating…all the singles mentioned were more examples of rappers taking the safe route of what is already commercially established instead of trying to open up new lanes.


  • Slim Baller

    Instagram that Hoe wasn’t even bad honestly it’s a nice club banger. #DonHate

  • nyc

    add T.I. x Lil Wayne “Ball” to the list

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Juicy J ain’t trying hard though … He makes hits

  • realwickwickwack

    ratchet has a nice vibe ,i like that song minus content …maybe if he rewrites it ,the song could become a good song

  • Uh oh

    As much as I feel YN is a tool, this is one video where he made sense without having to dick ride other artists.

  • County of Kings

    It’s about more than the song. It’s the message and the gimmick of it. LL ain’t drop in a minute and its like he heard his kids or grandkids say it while watch love n hiphop and was like oh that’s what they sayin ima use that.
    And fat joe shit just the title is mad desperate like if I use their slang maybe they’ll buy my cd, oops I mean maybe they’ll download me iTunes. That’s how stupid rap fans are 2day he thought he could just throw Instagram in there and the radio spins would be non stop. I don’t blame him actually Niggas ain’t lookin to pay for real rap but they might pay for this gimmicky shit

  • Young king

    Juicy J is about the strip club and drug life though..that’s been him for his whole career. Fat Joe joint seems forced and was sounded like a cheap imatation of Pop That. LL needs to hang it up if these are the songs he’s gonna make.

  • Yeah those songs are bad

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    If you have to “try” it will always come off forced. Anyone can be a rapper but “MC” status should be reserved for those who flows is effortless. There are plenty of MC’s who are still doin their thing. I’d like to see time given to those who stay true. The money might not be there, but the Respect. is. Show me three who still flow for those dro’ed out.

  • Nathaniel

    will these veterans ever learn from Jay Z? he gave y’all niggas the “stay relevant” blueprint. use it.

  • Slim Baller

    TI Ball was AWFULLLLLL. we need more “Go Get It”

  • James

    Agree. This is a perfect time for past MC’s to come back with the real. And they blew it.
    Come again!

  • BK

    With the current (shit) state of hip-hop these tracks fit right in. The problem is, you don’t expect this garbage from certain artists who are trying to get with whats ‘poppin’. Problems with trends are they finish as fast as they come in and people like LL are left looking like fools at the end of it. Do YOU instead of fucking up your credibility any more than you already have.

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Couldn’t agree anymore, however did Mr. YN talk to these artist before putting this out? Reason being is that some of these people are sensitive, & I remember vividly how Ice T threaten Bernard when commenting on his music. Now the question remains, would R/R really give some shine (pause) to any vet that put out real Hip-Hop, like Bumpy Knuckles?


  • Y’all gon’ dis the vets regardless, cause if they ‘kept it real’, then there would b all this talk about them not selling cause ‘noone wants to hear it’ or NY is stuck in the 90s or some’n like that. Damned if u do damned if not. Just buy the stuff u like & k.I.m.

  • HK

    Real talk but LL’s record was clearly the worst one and out of character for him. ‘Instagram That Hoe’ has a ring to it 😉

  • HK

    Nathaniel says:
    ‘will these veterans ever learn from Jay Z? he gave y’all niggas the “stay relevant” blueprint. use it.’

    Snoop has as well but obviously in a totally different way. He has done a TON of commercials

  • BK

    @Ill Street

    I don’t think that’s completely true. There’s a difference between progressing as an artist and switching your style up completely to appeal to the Billboard Hot 100 crowd (Bieber etc).
    See you can’t be on top forever. A Hip-Hop career is like a sport career. You’re gonna get around a decade and its time to move away from center stage. Problem with a few of these vets is they’re still trying to cling to some semblance of relevancy in the game. It’s then when they make stupid decisions. Some of these rappers need to be grateful for the 30-40K they manage sell the first week.

  • My next youtube video: Are Vet Rap Bloggers Trying Too Hard?

  • the truth is right here do ya’ll remember this video http://tinyurl.com/29xv5uw

  • Devante

    Busta Ryhmes is a prime example…

  • CabriniGreeny

    What I want from the vets is the music/energy that made them famous in the first place. Also, I love to see growth & mature. There are “older heads” such as myself that still buy rap. The vets do not have to try to music as if they are in their teens or early twenties.

  • Attaboy

    This is no different than the BS Kanye is putting out, Juicy J and some other old rappers, but I can’t argue with anyone’s opinion…it just makes me appreciate NAS’s Life is Good and this man’s entire catalog… only artist, other than cast or Scarface that continues to grow and give you him/Them. Life is Good is Album of the year and Nas is the greatest EMCEE ever with the best album (hip hop) and best catalog to go with it… and please no more references to the IRS and Jay-z. Many great singers/artist have gotten into debt with the IRS…Marvin Gaye on down…it has nothing to do with picking up a MIC, pen and telling the world your truths…Music is to inspire…LIFE is Good. Go Nas!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Devante Busta reminds me of Puffy he jump on any bandwagon that is hot.

  • Peekay

    there’s just an abundance of shitty music from everyone, young & old.

  • NovaKaine

    first off if 2 chains or any other current rapper made either of these 2 songs they would be instant hits any time one of these artist makes a song its that nigga old he aint even relevent nigga aint nobody rapping.like that anymore so they come out with the new.skang the new beat and you still shit on em yall.niggas wack remind of some double standard bitches

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    Hip Hop Journalism icon Elliot Wilson breaks it all the way down.

  • Pedro

    @Attaboy take the nas’ dick out of your mouth

  • Mitt

    YN, i actually agreed with you for once and like you a percent more after watching this clip. Do more editorials, its why i fcks with DX tough.

  • Mitt


  • Christian

    I agree. great points. Keep these videos coming

  • It’s not really the content, it’s the approach. All these records he talking about are TRYING to have a particular trendy sound.

    But it’s a double edge sword, because LL & Fat Joe survived this long by following trendy blueprints to a certain extent.

    ‘Make it Rain’ is about as far from ‘Flow Joe’ as you can get, but it kept him afloat, Luv u better sounded like Neptunes shit of that time period, but it brought L back once again. They just missed the mark this time…

  • How Wonderful…

    Vet emcees are trying to hard because when they relsase honest music people dontbuy,it,and critique it. I remember when Sean Price released Monkey bars, the Source said it sounded outdated.The industry makes vet emcees seem washed up because they dont encourage true and honest music. Maybe things would be different if there wasnt some invisible make believe blueprint to sell records.

  • Mike smiff

    Ny is trying to hard period..

  • mitch

    @Attaboy, kanyes WORST project was the Cruel Summer compilation yet he still dropped good quality catchy singles NAS dropped a classic album to , but lately hes been co-signing all those artists you talk down about, so doesn’t that make him a bit of a dick rider? theres always flaws in everyone , but thats not the point YN was making, he’s saying if your a VET (older) rapper and try and drop something to fit in with the new demographic atleast make it sound good and be a HIT single instead of sound like a old fart trying to hard -being corny (ex: Ratchet, Instagram that hoe)

  • KingJuggaNott

    Its not what we want from them, and its not what they usually do–but that’s what they see selling. And that’s what MFers want.

  • Are old journalists trying too hard? YN apply this to your life.

  • bullti

    DMX has come back and tried too hard. He wants to be relevant again and his latest album just screamed rushed. There are some classic lines and one or 2 great songs on there but there is just too much shit on there for it to be considered a decent album.
    I would rather he just took his time and actually got some good production on there and put a nice album out instead of this rushed junk with 1 or 2 good songs max.

    Nas is an exception to the rule, his last album was the best album I have heard in YEARS.

  • It ain’t just rapper’s it’s everyone including 41 year old bloggers

  • real talk

    A lotta vet rapper doing GARBAGE …
    U shoulda eincluded him on ur list.

  • Evil

    all 3 songs suck,end of.

  • slick

    all the rappers he named to just quit

  • i def. feel what elliot is saying, but in all reality, each and every emcee out right now is kinda trying to hard, and its really affecting the outcome of the music..

  • too*

  • @realtalk 100% cosign somebody needs to slap him out of his hypnosis..

  • infinity

    yeah all three of those songs Elliot said are horrible, “Instagram’ by Fat Joe is a half club banger and funny to mock because its just so stupid, but the Eve song is goddamn embarrassing,

  • kayandgee

    on point, 100 % agree but sometimes you try and fail, just try again, hope they listened to the advice

  • Attaboy

    @Mitch… I understand what you are saying I agree with YN to some degree; I do… But at the same time older rappers are placed in a different box and at the end of the day they wanna make money and be relevant to some degree.. LL’s song was more of speaking in 2nd/3rd voice like telling a story, but FAT JOE and Eve I can’t really speak for. As for Nas co-signing these artist… He might like some of their music, but doesn’t believe that would work for him. And when Nas is on a track with Tyga, Nicki or whomever he never tries to sound like them…he brings his own flava to that… so is they newer artist co-signing with Nas or deeply wants to do music just a great as his. Don’t forget artist don’t control shit…it’s the labels, managers and other MF’s… again praise to Nas for dropping a classic album and doing grown man music… Kanye music is so damn disrespectful… He drowning niggaz/rest in peace to Whitney Houston… How mature and eloquent was that…WTF did Whitney Houston do to deserve that…

  • jojo

    rap radar hates my comments..

  • yaboy

    THE TRUTH: is this an audition by YN for an executive job at a label?

  • PistolPistol

    The Greats are the Greats..Period.
    Everyone else is just trying to fill the shoes..
    They are all Wanabee 23’s

  • yup

    co-sign sway-z

  • K Roc

    I dont normally do this but please go check out my music and leave a comment http://soundcloud.com/krocva/high-off-life

  • HOODYGran$$$$$

    is hip hop really dead,on tha verge of it?
    naw u just go alot of niggaz still hungry
    for new raw shit. thats all. check me out on
    Facebook/hoody1000, twitter @GatoMosley

  • Texas Rattlesnake

    New York sucks dick. They are always tryna be like the south or Texas. Even there new rappers are all on our dick (Asap Rocky thinks he’s from Houston, French Montana thinks he’s from ATL, Cam’ron named his drink Sizzurp smh) New York rappers just aren’t that good. If the whole nation was receiving equal promotion from say the late 80s and on, NY would’ve fell off a loooong time ago.

  • the One

    I can finally say I agree with you Yellow man your comments hit the mark dead on… Hope for you yet yella bwoy!!! Ha!

  • Texas Rattlesnake

    Damn. I was usin the wrong email address.

  • HOODYGran$$$$$

    rap aint tha same. still got niggaz tryin to get back
    to that N DA Krate shit. Its murky waters and u got bloodthirsty
    artist rather they unsigned or stablish, reachin for better erday.
    HOODYGran$$$$$ check me out on Facebook/hoody1000, or
    twitter @GatoMosley. I’m still using TapeDeck Styles to be heard.
    to me thats hip hop

  • La Verdad

    Elliot – I hope you never put Wu-Tang in this series… They may not appeal to the young kids who like Drake and Lil Wayne, but they never compromised their sounds. I wish people would admit its groups like the Wu-Tang Clan who have kept their original sound for the most part (and this can be debated whether its good or bad) but they keep it 100% real, unlike wack people like Fat Joe.

    • Texas Rattlesnake

      (to La Verdad) Wu Tang Clan did NOT keep their original sound. They tried hard as hell to make their sound appealing to clubbers and pop fans on their 3rd album, The W, with singles like “Protect your Neck (The Jumpoff)”, “Gravel Pit” and “Uzi”. ALL 3 of those singles were counteractive to the Wu sound.

      On their 4th album they released a single called “Back in the Game” which featured a singer, Ron Isley, STEALING the show, which is something RZA LITERALLY preached against on the intro to the second cd of Wu Tang Forever.

      Bottomline: The Wu did NOT stay true to their sound and it’s a big part of the reason their legacy isn’t as hyped up as it could’ve been. They put multiple dents in their armor with the shit they pulled at the top of the century and lost their invisible image. I’m not saying they sold out, cuz I judge content moreso than production, but they were definitly pullin sold out their production at one point.

      Also, let not act like RZA was not on some corny ass lover boy shit before the Wu Tang was formed. He tried to sell out and FAILED. lol. He simply didn’t have the ability to sell out and lucked up with the Wu Tang Clan gimmick.

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  • PEEP


  • Reginald

    All them shits wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WackWackWackWackWack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chillthrills

    @texas rattlesnake,,,,do you kiss you mother with that nasty shit that comes out of your mouth,,,,cmon duke you not getting attention,,,where you from?,,,,how does ny suck dick,,,,when we birthed all you motherfuckers rapping now a days,,,,,i know you a white boy,,,what happened you dont like heavy metal or rock music,,,,,,die slow asshole,,,,,stay in your barn pussy,,,,,,,and even if you are black
    you still a punk ass white boy,,,,cause the we dont believe you ,,,you need more meth,,,and im talking about the drug,,,,,DICK!!!!!!

  • Da Truthh

    All about beat selection and style, alot of vet rappers trying to bring the game back to the 90’s.

  • Clos1881

    @batman eve is not a fuckinf legend. Niggas need to do what they do prime example nas he does what the fuck he wants regardless what’s going on in music and his fans always support that.

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    LMAO @ eve being a legend

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