• e

    Cabin fever 2 is coming out in two hours and there hasn’t been a single post about it and then Yall wonder why this site didnt crack the top 5 smh ….

  • hui Lu Kim

    Lol @ Young Money keeping him as bench warmer like Guda Guda

  • Black Shady

    Closest thing to a MC in YMCMB….yet Birdman and Wayne keep him on the shelf……


  • Rozay

    Back burner Benny.

  • Deerawz

    He shoulda went with the deal Nick canon was trying to get him

  • How Wonderful…

    Didnt Cory Gunz catch a gun charge in the Bronx earlier this year? What happened to that?….Oh yeah it was a fabricated story.

  • Thats what im talking bout real spitting man CG’z is dope

  • King Chandler

    @e Ya buddy that’s why they didn’t crack the top 5, because they don’t jock hop a dude who dresses like a 70’s rock star, is only capable of spitting about 2 or 3 subjects (no need to list them), and has shown no growth as an artist since his debut. GTFOH, only people waiting on a Wiz Khalifa tape are teenagers that think if they go to enough of his shows they will be able to smoke with him and be the newest member of Taylor Gang. Back to the subject at hand though, Gunz is nice bar for bar but he needs to learn how to construct a dope song.

  • epinz

    my thing about gunz is that it just sounds like he puts a bunch of words that rhyme together. ” im the slime, on the grind, gettin my shine, when i rhyme its my time, gettin mines, at a quarter to 9″ shit like that, it sounds good, but he aint sayin much