New Music: Future x Kelly Rowland “Neva End (Remix)”

Future spreads the love as Kelly Rowland joins him on the remix to his debut album’s 8th track. Pluto in stores now. You’re welcome, B.Dot.

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  • jay

    this a smash! like the collab.

  • fsl4lfe

    F*ck Future and anyone who listens to this poor excuse for a ”rapper”.

  • Space Ghost

    fsl4lfe…..Don’t be so overly dramatic. The song is hot. The original was as well. Kurtis Blow used to sing as well as rap. Biz Markie was silly, but was still considered a pioneer in the game. Music evolves and yet repeats cycles, so with that in mind, Future is not a new phenomenon, just the current version of hip hop from days past. Embrace it ooooooooooorrrrrr…….listen to something else. Just try not to put him down because at least is living his dream instead of wasting time over criticizing someone else’s. Not a diss to you, just something to think about. Don’t be a Mac Diesel (That is a diss to Diesel).

  • fsl4lfe


  • ultrakid

    this cool for what it is R&B/ Hip hop club jam -slow jam, radio will eat it up. , well the urban radio will . atleast Future found his lane, he’s like Ja Rule back when he was hot.

  • well i like future. but i don’t know why he is dressed like a space bus driver

  • Nathaniel

    kelly ruined this song for me. it just doesn’t fit. she sounds like an interruption.

  • ZoomZoom