Drake Completes High School

Summer school certainly paid off. After spending the past few months hitting the books, Drake announced via his Twitter account that he

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  • veesky

    That’s what’s up.

  • TeeCartt

    Congrats to em’

  • Slim Baller

    Happy about graduating high school? *PAUSE* nigga can be happy once he gets a college degree. Very few rappers have one. But a high school degree? c’mon that’s wack shit

  • &1

    Drake, the “lyrical” MC didnt have a high school diploma while the ABC rapping 2chainz is a college graduate, oh the irony



    LIKE REALLY ??? WHO ????


  • the void

    who cares? celebrate when you get a masters degree. and nobody wears cargo pants anymore.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to the singer.

  • mike

    Congrats to him. Here comes the hate……

  • Drake we need new music!
    Were dying out here

  • King Mathers

    marshall’s bday is today, who cares about drake

  • IM73-

    @thevoide nigga you sound like a bitch talkin bout what is out of fashion. and this is a good look for the youngins that ride dudes nuts thinkin that its all bout smoking drinkin and bitches. finish school.

  • Dashing

    Not a Drake fan but come on ya’ll. Show props every once in a while. Even the Republicans gave Obama credit when it took out Bin Laden (at least for a few days)..

    Drizzy’s a multi millionaire and didn’t “need” the degree but got it anyway. Good example for the kids. Absolutely nothing to hate on here. Save it for the next wack song he drops. At least that wayt it won’t seem like you’re just hating on the dude no matter what he does…

    That said, bring on the hate!

  • Musikal

    Proud of Drake lots of niggaz drop out of school with no intentions of finishing.

  • Slim Baller


  • Black Shady

    LOL at the nigga above mad….so mad that he had to diss Drake’s pants LOLLLL so random

    on topic; more props to drake

  • JHP

    Drake didn’t even have to get his high school diploma at this point, he just did it to fufill a promise he made to his mother. She was a teacher, and she really wanted for him to get an education. Something he went against when he dropped out of high school to pursue a rap career. This is a good example to kids out there to pursue their diploma, since Drizzy got his even though he didn’t have to. You ain’t got to like Drake, but there’s nothing to hate on about that

  • BAD Kid, GOOD City

    He just finishing high school??
    How old is he 25???
    DUMBASS Jew!!!!!!!


    He just finishing high school??
    He shouldve finshed when he was 18 like everybody else
    DUMBASS Nigga Jew!!!!

  • Rozay

    They just let you go back and take a final exam to complete high school, nigga you got a G.E.D, bot congrats anyway, the last nigga that completed high school at 25 was Rerun from what’s happening!!

  • Rozay


  • mr.lino


  • Cz

    It’s high school…if you don’t get your degree you have to be borderline retarded. Shit, I had kids with autism and Down syndrome in my class that graduated, it’s really not that hard of an accomplishment. Woohoo you meet the requirements to work minimum wage!

  • M.T


  • M.T

    congrats to the nigga drake. glad he went actually went back to finish. aint nothing more important than an education.

  • Cz

    Dude could’ve been taking classes while still acting, plenty of actors do it.

    But whatever, I wasn’t saying it as much about him, but to everyone saying he’s such a positive role model for kids to stay in school. I’m saying you have to be borderline retarded to not see that getting a diploma is something everyone should accomplish and it’s not that hard with even a tiny bit of effort.

  • Hov aint even got his diploma, yet theres a college course on him : ) …anywayz congrates to Drake though, good job

  • John Cusack


  • IM73-

    @CZ talking bout being borderline retarded?? you sound dumb as shit. drop out rates are at an all time high in the US. niggas aint dropping out cause they are stupid, stupid… they are dropping out because they wanna live the street life and do whatever they want all day. Sure CZ who rode the short bus and wore a helmet in highschool can do it.. and so can his homies with downs can finish because “its so easy” and they are so smart. Its not about being smart enough… its about sticking around to apply that shit and finish.

    So yes for this nigga who lives the life that all these young niggas wanna live to finish school and get a diploma is a good thing. This is a “non hateable” post yet you niggas find a way.

  • Devante

    Time for the rest of Young Money on get theirs…

  • Cz

    I’m saying you have to be borderline retarded to “live the street life”. And if they don’t realize that they have a better chance in life by staying in school, then they are in fact stupid. I actually agree with you that it’s not an issue of intelligence, which is why I said with a little bit of effort anyone can graduate.

    Maybe if drake had actually graduated in the first place before chasing dreams, more youth would’ve followed that path instead of thinking “I need to make money now.”

    “and so can his homies with downs can finish”

    Learn how to fuckin type in full sentences before trying to insult someone on their intelligence.

  • Near da beach..boiyee

    Speaking of Young Money… Im convinced after watching shit on WS that that gremlin Lil Chuckee turns into Chopper City from making da band if you spill water on him.

  • IM730

    haha so its drakes fault now.. he shoulda been looking out for the youth before he was ever in the position to be a role model and stayed in school instead of becoming the successful rapper he was going to become??? ok got it. and oh how i love the tired “learn how to blah blah blah” insult. Did you just read my full comment?? and act like you had to piece it together?

  • iwipedandgotshitfinger

    Good for him, never see anything positive anymore. Why hate on a guy who values education? If you do then you are ascenine

  • missedgyc


  • StackDoe9900

    Yo still gay …

  • Safe Dwade

    Yeah nigga I did that shit on time and nobody gave af

  • lookin like a canadian figure skater

  • PistolPistol

    I wonder how many paid personal tutors he had?

  • submitcomment

    He’s dick got sucked by his teacher after passing.

  • Dumb niggas runnin’ shit

  • Jinx

    Drake, the

  • the One

    Sorry people no GED in Canada….

  • chillthrills

    so what,,,,,,,shit nigga me to,,,,,i completed high school,,,,@seventeen lol ,,,,,alll my GED niggas!!!! go to college,,,,,,lolol,,,,,,,, impress me nigga get your masters or some shit,,,lolol,,

  • Jor

    This bitch-ass nigga will do anything for attention!
    He never needed a degree since he’s been Hollywood since he was a teen.
    Now that he blew up and pade it he wants to go back and get some insignificant shit like a HS Diploma.
    What? He wants to go out and get a minimum wage job now???
    Why does a Millionaire want a HS Diploma for?
    If youre Drake… ATTENTION!!!!

  • Jor

    He’s a lazy fuck, he’ll never go to College.
    You can get a HS Diploma in a fuckin weekend. LMAO.

  • broski

    he doesnt need college you idiot he got enough money to make you a and your family millionaires lmfao you go to college so you can get a ”good 9to5” job lmfao

  • larry

    this is news?

  • Jor

    So if he doesnt need College, then WHY THE FUCK DID HE GET A HS DIPLOMA?!?!?!?!
    That bitch Drake is looking for attention. Thats my point exactly you faggot.

    And you just got OWWWNNNEDDD Brosssski! Fag.

  • mrdontplay

    HAHAHAHAAHA this dude said the best feeling in the world is to graduate HS..yea nigga when you 16 17 not damn near 30 lol now go get a degree then get back at me

  • LooksLikeWealth

    Short-Bus-Shawty*OJ Da Juiceman Voice*

  • PEEP

    That’s his black side.

  • Pal


  • lmao

    39 years old looking dude tweets about graduating high school even though his songs are all about getting pussy and money. Drake always makes himself sound like a life saver on Twitter.

  • Damn

    Surprised he wasn’t suspended after what he did at the nightclub in New York City.

  • Yoo

    How much you wanna bet he’s gonna incorporate this into one of his new songs…..

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