• J

    Congrats to Macklemore & MGK

  • King Foamposite

    Macklemore is independent & MGK is on papers…SMFH…you mines well do ya own thing

  • kpamma

    SEaTOwn ReppERS

  • welp

    Labels are irrelevant tis all.

  • Batman

    Damn was absolutely not expecting that many first week from Macklemore/RL; major props! and MGK better start digging his Bad Boy grave!!

  • Black Shady

    WTF is a macklemore?????????

    and damn 50k only MGK? lol

  • music_enthusiast415

    purchased my copy….best cd ive bought in years, and im not just talking about the music. If you got the deluxe edition you know what im talking about. The Heist is a work of art, definite classic in my opinion!

  • M.T

    heard a couple tracks from macklemore. hes cool but his stuff just aint for me. congrats to him and i aint even listen to mgk’s album but congrats to that nigga too even though he flopped.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to MGK. French album is going to do Triple C’s “Custom Cars & Cycles” numbers.

  • Anon DCPL

    who the fuck is macklemore & ryan lewis? aren’t they house music djs?

    and mgk,…lmao.

  • Jacob

    Funny thing is since Ryan Lewis is the producer, they’re profiting more than people with a label

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis worked their asses off and definitely deserve this.. From the honesty in the music, the quality of the videos, to the packaging of the album, The Heist is an incredible body of work. Real music will always prevail no matter what.. Fuck a record label, congrats!

  • Evil

    MGK only 50k? LOL This guy has had alot of PR in recent weeks and only does 50k while Macklemore has not even had half of the PR and still manage to outsell him.
    MGK who said Lace Up would be his “Get Rich Or Die Trying” What a clown.

  • JustMyOpinion

    75k? I remember when the label dropped for that. I guess that’s what 2012 sub-par rappers brought us.

    I may contradict myself here: But, MGK doing 50k is not bad given he’s on Bad Boy records. He’s lucky an album was released.

  • kpamma


  • EDuB

    Nobody saw this coming, props to Mack

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ kpamma I would explain myself, but your use of curse words to express yourself shows you lack the vocabulary to hold an intelligent conversation.

  • Devante

    Woah that really shocked me..


    these labels are killing these rapper’s careers, especially Interscope Records who don’t promote shit.

  • jt3000

    @ JUST MY OPINION Your whole comment is dumb because macklemore is independent so doing 75k with just him and his producer and close associates outsells someone with badboy and all of puffs money. Macklemore cant get dropped by a label because he is his label. Think before you write.

  • brollya

    if mgk do 50k den imagine wat french bout to do

  • Texas Rattlesnake

    Well, he did way better than Kreayshawn and I didn’t think his name was buzzin much more than hers. But I felt the same way about Krit and Currency and they also did way better than Kreayshawn. Honestly tho, I really do believe the labels buy these records. I’ll never forget a interview with Master P, Chuck D and this chick.

    This chick who use to work for one of the big labels or something like that, talked about how she would be the one to take the records to the store and she would scan each record 3 times which which would tripple the sales and she said other people who in her position was doin the same thing. I’m not good at explaining cuz honestly I’m still tryna figure out how it’s possible. lol. Here’s the link tho, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaqwvNCF384&feature=relmfu (it starts at the 1 minute mark.)

  • Nathaniel

    RR didn’t even post lupe’s first week numbers…

    i wonder why.

  • Spencer

    I’ve literally heard one verse from Macklemore (seen a lot of promo though), but respected it off the strength. Their grind is crazy, 75K, #2 on the charts is some serious biz.

    Salute to ’em, rappers need to follow their lead.

  • M.T

    75k? I remember when the label dropped for that. I guess that

  • white renaissance

  • this type of music is ass! all wanna be shit ,i seen what they do and its a mockery to Rap and Hip-Hop when you put more time into your style then your music fuckin jump off a building 75k indie haha i guess no limit,cash money, sick wit it Records were never indie in response to spencer who thinks rapperrs should follow their lead you should never talk about music again do us all a favor

  • Genesis

    @Flyyydistrict….. Shut the fuck up….. That is all….

  • Wait till yol see Meek Mills numbers lol thats gon be some sad shit … i bet some of yol even 4got he dropin in 14days time …
    And LMAO at Rick Ross GFID is only on 430k … nigga aint never going plat

  • Ricky Retardo

    French and Meek gotta be shaking in they boots… French more, Meek might still crack 100k got alot of peep buzzin bout him outside of rap.

  • jl

    Anyone actually listen to MGK’s album? It’s good. Hate is a bad lifestyle

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