• Cz

    This dude really should be gettin more attention than Sean or pusha t, one of the best lyricists in be game

  • Nick

    I agree, he’s a LOT better than big sean

  • M.T

    James Harden is one of the biggest flops in the NBA.

  • Safe Dwade

    This nigga said he still tryna get “Mo Cheeks”? That’s gay as fuck dude

  • B.Dot

    that would go over ur head.

  • Johnny

    For the above and any comments after like my man said “haters hate to like it, sex, drugs, playing dices, those are our favorite vices”. Has to be one of the top bars for the entire album.

    In MY opinion I think every verse he has put out for KANYE has just been sick. And then the way he just blacked out on Cruel Summer was just stupid! This dude is COLD! Now the only thing KANYE probably debates is do people wanna hear a whole album of him. Kinda way Dame played him at first.

    But I do feel some shots were thrown here and there is truth to this song. Dude is definitely that 6th man who needs more playing time. Well maybe not shots, but more spot light material.

  • Iran The Race

    very impressive… u now have my attention!

  • easternparkway

    ^ word. this just put him on my radar

  • prime dawg

    wow dope

  • real niggas only

    this nigga is nice why the fuck isnt Ye let him shine

  • Mrhahajones

    ^ Why do you think he made this song? He saying he like James Harden: Got handles(bars), a nice jumper(flow), and pretty much bring energy from the bench(G.O.O.D. Music). But at the same time, don’t want to start(go mainstream) because it best to come from behind the curtains(underground), take over the game for a min, and go back.

  • McBaller

    I’ve been a fan of him since “Christmas In Harlem” — love that song. CyHi is the shit.

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  • BigL76

    Cy-Hi has been hit or miss to me but this is nice. Keep putting out material like this and Coach K will have to give him more paying time.

  • AdOLLAgangg


  • Strong Johnson

    A+….Lakers fan but I still feel it…Crack

  • we really out here my nigga

    Why y’all think cyhi got a verse on mbdtf and big sean didn’t make the cut. He was on a bonus track. Cyhi was on so appaled next to jay

  • Showboat

    @ CZ and @Nick , Big Sean yea. Pusha T??? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Tujik

    BigL, have you heard him on So apalled, or The Morning? he kills everything he’s on.. lol thefuhhhk