• If only you knew

    “Her only mistake i caught her rockin takeover” hahaa nas.

  • nas on fire

  • wale

    da fuck did i just watch this shit

  • Black Shady

    So Def Jam got Nas to feature on a rookie’s single???? WUT????

    How much did they pay the DON for that…

  • AK47


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  • yo

    Her only mistake i caught her rockin Takeover. Nas too had. Song is hot too.

  • Shots Fired!!!

    Hov – “Yeah I’m talkin bossy, I ain’t talking kelis…”

    God’s Son – “Her only mistake I caught her rockin Takeover…”

  • hui Lu Kim

    Actually hot.

    “Her only mistake i caught her rockin takeover

  • I think she really took a big step and to have Nas apart of her Journey is even bigger. I think this only the begining for K’la!!!!!!!

  • K’la got her own stlye, it’s good to see a mother living her dreams !!!!!!!!!