New Video: Wiz Khalifa “STU”

With a joint and a red cup, Wiz Khalifa pulls up a seat and shoots the first visual off his new mixtape, Cabin Fever 2. No Juicy J, no problem.

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  • buckbitch

    he fell off hart!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    fell off rom what? sounds the same to me.

    get higher

  • urrrr

    he may say the same shit, bout smoking weed, party and money but it sounds cool with a different beat and lyrics. so GET HIGHER

  • Wiz is original !

  • floridaboy

    u listen to wiz for smokin nd party music. same for waka nd gucci stop looking for lyrics nd accept them for wat they do

  • t


  • caliking

    whats up with his style kinda weird i Remember he used to wear snap backs and tanks now he wears really tight pants with weird hats and jimmy hendrix shirts.. smh his old shits way better classic for real now its just.. repetitive gettin kinda old still got some hope for him well see how his career turns in the next 5 years

  • Slim Baller

    I look at wiz like this: if he remains the same lyrically (which almost ALWAYS was about weed so idk why ppl keep saying where’s the old wiz went), he better get trap beats because this type of shit BUMPS HARD in the whip compared to them soft ass songs he makes

  • Cali760

    These are tracks I listen to for pregaming to get us hyped before going to a bar, club, or a party.

  • nick riveria

    lol this is the worst music video of all time, what was the director thinking?

    “ok…sit in this chair and smoke a blunt…n thats a wrap!”

  • Cam

    Honestly, the songs where he sings & now raps on are far more better than this.. like “Deep Sleep”, “Who I am” “Weed Roller”.. all that shit where it seems like he’s just fuccin around drunk singing on are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than this shit. I hope he realizes that shit.

  • let me gues…..weed, bong trippy stick, get high, get drunk, turn up, im fucked up, taylor this taylor that

  • Slim Baller

    It’s like Waka flocka. Just accept the fact that wiz ain’t lyrical and put his music on your Party playlist and shut up. Put Waka music on your “get pumped up” playlist

  • floridaboy

    ur queer^

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