• davfr2

    what the fuck? why dont they post the kurupt feat RBX “money(do it for me)” this some bullshit! dont get me wrong im a fan of snoop allday!

  • @Craig_itsFriday

    Wow I’m Shocked!! First post of anyone dog pound or of the og west that Big Homie didn’t diss in his blog post. Maybe finally waken up a little.

  • DPG

    Snoop you still lying?

  • what the fuck is snoop doing ?

  • Rozay


  • emteeel

    I’m in this video! Check me out at 0:32

  • floridaboy

    mr. snoopy doopy!

  • dopeaom

    Why is everyone hating. He’ll do rap when he’s inspired, but on the other side he’s doing something positive and making cool music to wibe to. You don’t like reggae then stick to whatever you like but Snoop doing a good thing here.

  • JB

    What song was in the video? Actually sounds legit