• too bad no one is aware of the names of the songs playing in the backround, or does anyone care about the slumerican movement enough for you to even do that..hopefully u can just grow ur hair over it..

  • KingJuggaNott

    I like real artists. He’s 100 to me.

  • Lakers

    ^^^^^ hey DEEZ. suck deez nuts !! uneducated bastard. Yela stays killin it. A very respectful artist.

  • SleepyKeemo

    clearly he’s filling shows deez. If you’re gonna hate, at least try to be cool like Lord Hamster

  • Wolf

    deez you should be listening to some MGK you wanker

  • JB

    Yelawolf knocked him out at the end!!!!

  • Wolf

    Yeaaa he did!! Kid reminded me of deez

  • Deez… i knew not only the titles to the sogns in the background, but also the words. so the fuck you talkin bout? Yela and the whole Slumerican camp is where its at.

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