New Music: Kendrick Lamar Ft. Ab-Soul x Jay Rock “The Heart Pt. 3 (Will Let It Die)”

Fresh out the Vegas lab, K-Dot treats his fans with the third installment of “The Heart” series with features from his TDE compadres. Sounds like three times is a charm. Tae Beast on the beat.

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  • genius.

  • “DAMN, that boy good.”

  • Outlet

    Oh shit

  • DatDude

    Gotta b the dopest most consistent dude the last two years…..just doesn’t make wack music

  • matrix

    WHOA!!! FIRE!!!!! This nigg just keep shutting the haters down tracc by tracc!!!!!

  • M.T

    this track is crazy! this should’ve been the last track on the album. Kendrick is taking over…..

  • Word

    Haven’t heard the album and I won’t listen until I unwrap it on Monday. This shit is dope tho, makes me think the rest of the album will be crazy dope.

  • Black Shady

    He’s on a roll!!! whats the last wack kdot song uve heard…???


  • Milkweed

    The album is awesome.

  • mr.lino

    thnk all of u fr embrasing a west coast mc…..dnt gt me wrong..rachett music bangz but ths gkmc album is a classic

  • CaliSteppin

    How did this not make the album?! Sheeesh they all came hard

  • jfraz1992

    raw emotion at its finest

  • bumpy johnson

    real rap type shit – dope …………

  • teddy b

    Kendrick had a slim shady flow!

  • Fitz

    If yall aint heard the album don’t listen to this track cause this deff shoulda been last song on cd because it gives story away

  • ss

    damn you could hear the soul in that

  • they did this record last night in vegas

  • Los

    GKMC is Boyz n the Hood on a CD coming from someone that really lived it…

    Masterfully told, will cop it the 22nd just to support this kid.

  • Tristan

    This dude is a promblem and I from east i can’t he bringing the west back with a east coast flow

  • Derrt

    “I never screamed out the #NewWest, I didn’t believe it”

  • bklyndre

    I.dont comment much but damn…this is jus a masterpiece…

  • Iran The Race

    Black Excellence

  • TDE got the best set of rappers now and Dr Dre got the Midas touch ! Vote Obama!

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    pure artistry

  • kendog wins

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Its dope to see an artist that you supported from the start finally get his shine! I hope he at least gets #2 album in country next week. I want him to have the #1 album but Taylor Swift is dropping her new album monday and that bitch sells like hot cakes


    Good KId m.A.A.d City 1 of the best pieces of work i’ve ever heard

  • Los

    ^ This

  • DMVinyourchick

    @black shady true although backstreet freestyle was kind iffy

  • ncd1

    The fact that people are having a problem with “Backseat Freestyle” indicates that a simple story telling artist is going way over your head, and that’s unfortunate. Of course he meant nothing in that record. It’s supposed to be shallow and cliche, it’s supposed to reflect an immature 17/18 year old being influenced by his friends and mainstream hip hop (hence the “A Milli” vibe).

    [possible album spoiler]
    It’s a story, from start to finish. He’s reminiscing about everything that leads to the climax of the record, which doesn’t happen until the ending skit of Track 6, is further explained in track 7/8/9/10, is hinted at on Track 1, and is fully realized on track 11 where he “awakens.”
    [/possible album spoiler]

    The problem is you’re attempting to dissect this album on a track by track basis like you would with most artists, who just jumble tracks together in a piecemeal haphazard fashion. This is a “short film,” as the subtitle indicates. Treat it as such. Would you judge a movie by one single scene, or would you view it in the context of the whole production?

  • t

    not feelin it

  • DMVinyourchick

    I mean I appreciate ur annotation of the song I didn’t say it sucked it just wasn’t one of my favorites

  • Que

    @ t…what the eff is wrong with you nigga? you on that molly or something. This is incredible music

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    I ain’t even listen yet, and I know it’s hard. Part 1 & 2 is fireee

  • chicago

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  • Kenny’s Dominos

    Oh yeah, TDE where my hoody at? I ordered that back in the beginning of September?




  • Exam

    On repeat

  • Jay Jones

    I love IT! TDE keep on expanding!

  • ***CROMER BEATS***


  • koO

    I’ve had the album on repeat since I got it, now this… The greatest MC of all time.

  • WOW people acting like this guy is god or something really overrated ye his a dope artists and the album is good but thats it and whats up with his voice and shit like a alien rapping

  • Gwadaboy

    @rowjayC.O.B Shut the fuck up
    If you cant feel Kendrick you really dont know nothing about hip hop

    Classic album Classic Track !!!

  • K3nTRoCK

    Magic Johnson= 2Pac
    Michael Jordan=Jay-z
    Lebron James=Kendrick Lamar

  • LDN12

    Damn this is hip hop


    WOW kendrick is fuckin runnin miles with that torch he just consistently proves his excellence

  • Donn

    Lol this dude said I didn’t even listen and i know it’s dope, dick riders are the worse lol. Good song though. Sucks he won’t get a Grammy, cus he deserves it

  • Jay Jones

    willie hutch sample…can’t miss it…

  • mike

    Good music.

  • the brain trust

    I remember when I first found out about dude.

    Two and a half years ago, I saw the name ‘Kendrick Lamar’ & the cover to his mixtape ‘(O)verly (D)edicated’ and i was intrigued.

    I liked his rap name and I though both his mixtape title and the cover art were really dope.

    So I decided to give him a chance. I listened to the song ‘She Needs Me ft Dom Kennedy’ and the rest is history.

  • This shit makes my heart jump and my mind race

  • Showboat

    TDE has a solid roster man.

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