Chief Keef Featured On ABC Nightline

ABC’s Nightline‘s “Hidden America: Inside Chicago’s Gang War” explored the ongoing gang violence in the Chi and what better way to do so then by featuring Chief Keef. The program profiles the rapper at the 5:45 mark. Watch the full episode here.

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  • mike

    This shit has got to stop

  • mike

    Pardon the typo

  • hmmm

    Homie look like a slave off the boat in tht still

    “Dnt U knw things go in cycles” -Qtip #IfWeDntWakeTheFuckUp!!!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    lupe needs to be in this

  • Kilt

    We need to educate each other as Black Americans. Black children are only taught of the Civil war, and post slavery exploits to keep ignorance and hatred in their minds. We need to inform our children and the World of the Africans True history… I believe this will build a level of self respect that will eliminate crime and the self hatred of the Black American…

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Them damn coons

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  • Ralph, you’re gonna do big things buddy, keep your dream alive…….

    all these gang members should be lined up and shot Firing Squad style in the knee caps.

  • Donn

    Its not about black people, it’s about ppl period. ITs not a race thing, ppl are dying not just black people. These kids need to be given alternate things to do with their time. Studios, basketball games, art, directing, they just need things to occupy their time and different scenery then what they see everyday. You can’t save the world but you start one child at a time

  • Courtney

    Dammit man. I’m moving to Chicago in March. That was depressing. This is why Ill be living by white people in Chi, just like I am now in Atl.

  • pienman

    damn, this was the truth! its in the face of all the supposely hip-hop elite that are 2 involved in partying 2 voice a sign 2 stop it: Killing Chicago’s youth…where is the loudest voices 2 increase a cease fire 2 this:

    u probably won’t hear one

  • Cali_Ripken11

    @Donn. Spoken like a true kizza. Niggas don’t get opportunities. Only legal opportunity in black neighborhoods are fast food restaurants and check and cashing places. Smh

  • Iran The Race

    @ Donn

    No Donn, its always been about black people!

    Since its inception, The United States Government has promulgated and initiated a policy of oppression specifically against black people. The U.S. Constitution, Slave Codes, Black Codes, Compromise of 1877, Jim Crow, Samuel Gompers and the Labor movement, White Capping, KKK, Prison Industrial Complex, Civil Rights Movement, War on Drugs, Desegregation, ect

  • A

    I live in Chi…Southside. Not really the hood but about 10 blocks from where it’s poplin off. What people don’t understand is it’s mostly young ins doing this. The OG’s don’t get wild unless theres a real reason. These youngsters are ready for whatever. They need to slow down…

  • southside C

    I live in chiraq…yep..thats exactly what this shit is. homie above is right. these lil teenagers is doin all this. some gds will shoot at some gds 2 blocks away n hit a 8 yr old ridin his bike. thats usually how it goes. And now rappers r involved so its really divided. shits all fucked up. the mayor gotta do somethin more than what he’s doin cuz aint nobody scared of those scared ass cops runnin around

  • Black Shady

    perfect COON


    first off, it’s not the whites controlling this if they want to change then nobody’s stopping you to change. i hate when motherfuckas say it’s because of the white people that all this is happening. we are in the land of opportunity, we got a black president for god’s sake, stop with all this racist talk saying whites are to blame, it’s gonna be 2013 be positive and do something for your community.

  • Isee

    Drugs, drugs, drugs, poverty, lack of knowledge of self, and the rise of social media, which makes you unsocial and a slave to the matrix. But in truth, violence is down, in the 90’s, btwn 700-900 murders a yr was the norm. Black elite comes out of this town called Chicago, where there is the most light, there will be the most darkness.

  • bill


    @southside C, you do know those “scared ass cops” could wipe out a whole block if they wanted to right?? they could kill every single negro they see -claim self defense- and the government would’nt give a fuck, you remember hurricane katrina dont you? ..yeah thats just a SMALL example

  • John Cusack


  • Truth Is A Hard Pill To Swallow

    cosign @iran the race.

    My, what short term memory we have. We forgot all about our enslaved grandparents. We forgot all about the blatant hatred we’ve endured for generations. The slavery of our people that never really ended, instead shifted into a different direction (prison). It’s extremely frustrating to see these type of meaningless videos by white people who try to make it seem as if they are so concerned and feel obligated to “step in” and save us.

    So please GTFOH, Diane Sawyer. How about y’all broadcast a TV special focusing on the ROOT of the problem, instead of focusing on the branches and leaves of this sickly tree. How about everyone STOP sweeping history under the rug, then maybe we’d actually get somewhere as a people. Because whether you’re ready to believe it or not, black people are still suffering from what we endured from white oppressors generations ago. It’s much deeper than what anyone is ever willing to discuss.

  • mac dIsel’s BOSS

    this is the shat I don’t like

  • More Bread Plzzz

    “you gonna be the the prey or the predater” lol but on the real this is sad

  • Iran The Race

    @ Truth Is A Hard Pill To Swallow

    Agreed.. Salute!