• Hip-Hop Fiend

    Incredible Album! I love sequence it, wasn’t all over the place and his lyrics was on point. @B.Dot you gotta admit its a fuckin classic…

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Poetic Justice prolly the next single

  • B.Dot

    u guys have gotta stop throwing “classic” around like that.


    ok b dot instant classic then because i know when its all settled down ill re listen to this album and stil be like damnn

  • marshanna

    and why do they say debut album hes had albums out. like section 80. it was in s tores lolz

  • e

    @marshanna It’s his first album under a major label that’s why

  • JMillionaire


  • @B.Dot forrrrrreal though, people will ride any wave for as long till it crashes on the shore…i remember not too long ago people were dickriding pac div odee hard, and they are next to irrelevant, lolll lets just hope these tde mfuckas dont do the same bullshit..

  • meek mills album is going to sell 250,000 units first week, purchased exclusively by warner/def jam…and maybe 20,000 copies will actually be dumbass people..

  • PPrrootteesstt

    B Dot, your one hateful ass nigga when it comes to K Dot. And once someone points it out, you point out that you “discovered” him. Cut it out man. I didn’t see you calling people out when niggas called GFID from Ross a classic. Be consistent my nigga.

    I know I’m gonna get banned or deleted for this but, you needed to read this. Relax son

    • B.Dot

      check my tweets or previous posts. its public record.

      In no way shape or form have i endorsed GFID a classic. I’ve been most vocal about mr. ross’ music.

      So, relax son.

  • brl

    This is an album I will be listening to years from now. Great storytelling. Love the transitions between records. Old heads (including myself at times) will quickly dismiss new artists’ potential, but this album captured the essence of what constitutes a classic body of work. This is my opinion. Not for everybody.

  • matrix

    This album will stand the test of time years from now it will be remembered thats why they call it a classic…


    If this is the new “BAR” he set that muthafucks high as fuck. He make me put more expectations on that Jcole collab project.

  • JHP

    If this album isn’t a classic, then I don’t know what the hell is. I haven’t heard an album that’s as thematically consistent in a long time. Some artist are capable of storytelling the duration of a verse or song, but Kendrick’s whole album plays out a narrative. No song sounds filler or out of place, they all serve a purpose. His lyrics were consistently on point each song, the production was pretty solid for the most part. There are several quotable lines and themes from the album stuck in my head, and plenty more I’ll still be deciphering for weeks to come. I had liked Kendrick Lamar before this album, and expected it to be pretty decent, but this album blew me away, and has catapulted him among the top of my personal favorite artist.

  • M.T

    “u guys have gotta stop throwing

  • M.T

    Also this freestyle>>>>>>>
    kendrick got the game on lock

  • I don’t even know how anything can be called a classic within the first couple of days, and I fuck with Kendrick, I think the album is dope.

    But just because 95% of these other niggas don’t put any thought into their projects doesn’t automatically make the first album that does classic. I need to pick it up 5 years from now and still want to hear it in order for me to call it that, but that’s just me…

  • JB

    K DOT > B DOT

    Kendrick’s the truth, bringing real rap back into this generation. Is it a classic? Only time will tell, but i know right now that im fuckin with it heavy!

  • GKMC!!!!

  • ohGee Mack

    Just curious… what’s the age of some of you posters? Are you young fans saying this is the new BAR or older fans?

  • greatmusic12

    Like the people have said above. Thematically the album as a whole is a great accomplishment for Kendrick and it does set a new bar for hip hop. We haven’t had an album like this in so long where the entire album was this consistent, cohesive and fit such a great concept. All the way down to the title it’s Kendrick’s story and he delivered it in a very unique and artistic way. And he doesn’t sacrifice his style, his music, or even a single for his story while becoming a mainstream artist. Looking back at Swimming Pools it makes sense with the overall story of the album. Maybe the word classic is designated to be used after a certain amount of time has passed. But one thing is for sure you can not deny the great creativity and idea behind the album, and the final outcome, which is a great project. That van symbolizes the needle as Kendrick’s record spins. He delivered and there’s no denying that. Respect and thank you.

  • Oz

    @ B.Dot says:
    Monday, October 22 2012 at 11:35 AM EST

    u guys have gotta stop throwing

  • Oz

    classic, classic, classic ya bish

  • Oz


  • matrix