New Music: Iron Solomon “The Genesis (Chapter 1)”

Opening his book of rhymes is Iron Solomon as he rolls out the first leak off his upcoming mixtape, Killer. Hosted by

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  • emdee

    Anything this guy does now is irrelevant, ain’t no coming back from that L he took

  • jason

    sick cover, that is all.

  • lmao


  • MMG

    this is fuckin lame, iron solomon a joke

  • lol yall acting like mook AINT a clown and just as washed up…

  • If only you knew

    you cannot lie tho this beat would be ill if they added the rest of the sample

  • If only you knew

    Please if anyone knows has anyone else ever sampled great gig in the sky i mean who wouldn’t

  • e

    Real talk this shit not bad even if he not relevant this song straight

  • will

    one testicle smh

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • who ever hates on this track because this niggas not “relevant” is retarded – die u fuckin herdz of sheep. like who u r has nethin 2 do wit da shit u drop. this trackz FIRE flowz unique – bars r on point.

    ima tell u this RIGHT NOW – his mixtape killer is gonna prolly take da market by surprise u gon c dis nigga everywhere from now on.

    what happens when hes relevent at the start of nex year? will his bars be hot then? u faggots.

  • Smh

    Solomon on a beat =/= Solomon in a battle
    He already transitioned before that battle and it showed how he is no longer fit to battle. Period.