• and just like that hes back from the dead

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Atlanta going to fall victim to what happened to NY & LA. Too much money inner city turmoil and egos causes regions to fall off musically

  • Love/Hate

    “He done burned half the strippers in Atlanta.” – Yung Joc

  • KingJuggaNott

    The fact that people care about what Gucci says is funny. Even his disses are funny.

  • Black Shady

    Gucci and Joc lol…….non factor ass niggas in this rap game

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Cosign Black Shady these niggas especially Joc been fell off

  • @ my mother’s “friend” Gucci never got on too fall off…

  • AK47



    retarded country swamp niggas and there cornball beefs. the beef between road runner and coyote is more valuable than these down south clowns..

  • Money Marlo

    @Jaguar u talkin bout niggaz down south and there cornball beefs, nigga 50 cent is the king of that wack ass beef shit. talkin shit about everybody tryna get attention. some of ya’ll new york niggaz is delusional

  • LO

    gucci and joc are two wack hasbeen ass niggas it over for both of them

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Gucci needs to get back on his meds. Poor guy nobody has the heart to tell him he is Garbage.

  • g2g mafia

    ( IF u TRAVELING ) These Holidays And gone Need These Benefits : MCA roadside assistance benefits include things like 24/7

  • The Union


  • king


    u living in the past bro…

  • Trapgod

    Niggas letting a dude with ice cream on his face talk shit……. Fuck outta here with that

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  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Where’s all that ‘South Unity’ at? Nah ya’ll aint no different than any other region that blows up then dudes egos kick in and it becomes WWF

  • Texas Rattlesnake

    Atlanta gonna end up fallin off for the same reason Houston fell off (Lil Flip vs ESG…. Lil Flip vs Slim Thug…. Slim Thug vs Zro…. Chamillionaire vs Mike Jones…. Trae vs Mike Jones. And I’ll never forget when Zro called Lil Flip a “punk bitch” and basically admitted to hanging/collaborating with him strictly for exposure and showed no interest in stopping, lol.. Atlanta doesn’t look this bad, but they will definitely get there if Gucci and those DTE dudes keep at it.

    They will divide their fanbase and kill each others credibility the same way Houston rappers ruined did to each other from 2004-2009. Houston legends that regularly dropped local hits, while selling a 10,000-200,0000 albums independently can’t even sell 5,000 records nowadays. And it ain’t just bcuz of the digital era, bcuz these cats can’t even make a local hit anymore either.

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