Kendrick Lamar & T.I. On 106 & Park

Kendrick mania continues. Today, he returned to 106 to discuss good kid, m.A.A.d city, comparisons to Illmatic, his BET Hip-Hop Award and then plays the game Inside The Rapper’s Studio.

T.I. also swung by to premiere his “Ball” video. He spoke on the shoot in New Orleans with Lil Wayne, updates on his family, thoughts on upcoming artists in the game and more.

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  • jada jada`

    Go and buy good kid maad city IN STORES NOW and on itunes

  • Slim Baller

    Ball sucks. But best song on GKMC is definitely “Money Trees” amazing message and amazing beat! Love it

  • brooke

    Love love love Kendrick Lamar!! <3 <3 <3
    And have you listened to Miguel's new album??! His song "Do You…" is my current obsession

  • Black Shady

    Amazing album

  • KoldCase

    Dying of thirst is the best imo

    All of it is great

    Bought 2 copies of it

  • Koondrick

    How this nigga gon’ pick 2Pac over Nas as the better lyricist? The only reason Pac big is because he died in the middle of all hype. Also, he was never a great emcee he just had lot of energy and sh*t going on in real life – that’s what built his buzz. Kendrick I know you’re from L.A. and you gotta represent and shit but c’mon NASTY over MAKAVELI any day especially talking LYRICISM!

  • I brought Kendrick’s album. It’s dope, but not a classic. A classic album transcends coast, people, etc. Kendrick makes cool music and he raps well… But It’s more hype than substance at times with hip hop music. He’s on Interscope; so we all kinda know what’s that about. comparing that album to illmatic is sad. illmatic changed the game, but this album is a timeout in the game. Kendrick reminds me of an early Lupe, Kanye, De La Soul type of emcee; which is dope, but HIP HOP is more pure street music; although the masses want it not to be. I heard the album a few times, i like it, but its no classic. Emcees like K.L just don’t long… cause its more from the mind than heart. See the new LUPE nowadays. Not hating… just saying what most wont. SAD!!!

  • ST

    Kendrick album is dope. To me, all it lacks are those original Dre produced bangers like he gave Snoop, Game and 50. All of their albums featured a NASTY Dre track as the lead single. The Recipe (women weed and weather) is certified fire plus more.