• this is 50

    you just got that WORK!!!!!!!!!

  • King Foamposite

    This shit was wack as fuck! He’s only a battle rapper that’s it!…he’s TRASH B!

  • Those URL Battle MC’s have talent!!! Those Bars were crazy!!!

  • In other news Kendrick Lamar

  • LDN12

    Get em!!

  • Kevin


  • Nickey Negrito

    Lux is my dude. This freestyle was dope!

  • Lux on his grind.respect

  • Loaded Lux

    @King Foamposite must be an “aspiring rapper” who thinks everybody’s trash because he’s mad that nobody wants to buy his music so he gives it away and then they throw it away and he music spams people’s social network with his reverbnation, soundcloud (widgets), and wack ass youtube videos lol. He’ll never make it so go find a job so “YOU CAN GET THAT WORK”

  • It sounds like you enjoyed itYou should look at it yourself.Yes,I suppose So.What we read influences our thinking.Believe it or not!Would you care to see it sit down for a while?Would you care to see it sit down for a while?He is taller than I by ahead.Tomorrow will be a holiday.You might as well throw your money away as spend it in gambling.

  • David

    Lmao people are on his dick, he seems like a real cool dude tbh but URL is biased as shit, if you’re black and from NY then its a guaranteed win in the bag. I understand you want NY to reign and hold the crown in any way shape or form but everybody else is looking at it like its retarded and a set up, its not a clear victory, Mook is embarrassingly wack and I can’t begin to fathom why anyone supports that clown, he’s a terrible representative for NY and he’s his own #1 fan, bitch move waiting for Solomon to start making songs and shit before even stepping up to battle, I imagine thats how Mayweather will finally man-up one day, Lux choked and stood there looking ridiculous and still won somehow due to a gimmicky picture, I read the lyric transcripts, its terrible and borderline gibberish. And no Im not some aspiring rapper who hates life lmfao, Im a fan of Real Hip Hop and URL rappers are divas and only battle particular mc’s who they know they can beat due to some number advantage, scared to step in and face white kids who could tear them apart, am I lying? With the garbage Mook spit any mc with half a brain could use it against him, he talked about dick more than any mc I’ve ever heard in my life and that cornball has been practicing for that battle for YEARS. I will never watch a URL battle again, divas.