• BxWavy

    god bless you bro! real talk!

  • t

    dudes famous cause of MTV

  • Mallymal

    I really liked this guy from the very start. IDK what Rostrum Records do when selecting talent, but Mac & Wiz are 2 real positive thinking guys…

  • JWhistles

    Watched the video, still dont know how he made it… he is not good.

  • marie

    ” JWhistles ” You’re a fucking ignorant idiot ! If he wasn’t he wouldn’t sell out almost every of his shows nor have any fan. Dumb Bitch

  • mike

    Yeah JWHISTLES, watch and listen a little more and some older and new stuff from MAC, not just one song. His vibe, his flow, his movement is incredible PERIOD. I am a major hip hop, rap fan and artist and I know and respect talent when I see it. Mac Miller, MGK, Yelawolf, Rittz, there all talented and doing it right now, respect the flow and skillllsssss