New Music: Angel Haze “Cleaning Out My Closet”

Angel Haze wears her heart on her sleeve over Marshall’s classic. It’s recordings like these that help put things into perspective.

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  • teejay

    Wow. this is crazy.


    not bad

  • .

    woah… i don’t think any chick has done this type of song in rap…ever. Damn…

  • Lantern Core

    I can’t bump this in my Range Rover…

  • whereyourseabass


  • well alrighty. she can rap. i listened with the gas face… i’m proud of her and im proud because rap provided her a way to express this,,, damn tho

  • Lakers

    I mean cmon, dont fuck with one of the G.O.A.T. jams. I mean you spilled your heart out on it. but to all Rappers, aritist, MC’s , dont fuck with Eminem, 2 pac, Biggie, Jay , songs.

  • Chip Rosetti

    How about u stfu dickhead u sound dumb @lakers

  • Drey

    She is one of the better females in the game….in my top 3 easily.

  • Lakers

    This song wouldn’t of seen the light if it wasnt on the track ” Cleaning out my closet” just the facts. Chip Rosetti ass need to come out the closet.

  • Donn

    I wasn’t gonna press play but I’m glad I’m did. This is gonna be her biggest song if she does a video, the Internet will eat this up. Eminent would consign this shit

  • Bstunna

    To all my dudes…Be aFather to your lil girls protect them…it’s the G’es shit you will ever do. And if somebody hurt them or touch them…you let that savage out. That was powerful music.

  • Jacob

    @lakers your a dumb shit she served it very well, not only that but Jon Connor killed this shit too. And everyone raps on jays songs and kills them more than he does, also it doesn’t matter the fact that it was Ems song RR has posted on her a few times don’t sleep on good rap just because it isn’t the artists your used to

  • Lakers

    ^^^^^ Not once did I say it was a bad song. I have been respecting Angel Haze. All I think is the song could of brought more to the table with her own beat or producer. damn take a xanax or smoke some herb.

  • BK

    she could spit, she still got a lot of work to do though. For starters she needs to control her breath, sounds like she got the hiccups or something

  • HollyWood

    Its GYP ROSETTI you dumb fucks!

  • Slim Baller

    Are you guys still in 5th grade or grown adults


    Are two totally different things idiots. You’re means you are. Remeber that #Truth

  • Santa

    oh shit

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Wow no words

  • Evil

    She did ok,needs to control her breath.Annyoing to listen too

  • wow



  • Outlet

    @Slim baller, your really going to nit-pick on an Internet blog site on a song that has so much substance your feable mind should have exploded

  • Matt

    tooooooooooooooooo far

  • M.T

    whoa. this was incredible. who the hell is this chick?

  • Gyp Rosetti

    Eat a dick u faggot @Lakers and HollyWood are u happy now u bitch ass cunt!

  • Slim Baller

    @ Outlet ************you’re

  • Outlet

    You’re missing the point, if you can’t use your common sense to figure it out then you are hopeless.

  • Outlet

    Yo slim I shouldn’t have came at you like that, I just didn’t think it was appropriate to be a grammar nazi on a song where a girl obviously poured her heart out

  • room2roam

    WOW. fb post

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Hearing her suck in air at the end of every line is annoying.

  • RAX


  • Talk is Cheap

    Aaliyah wants you to leave her image alone

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  • BWAHAHAHAHAHA! you can tell the bitch making it up she aint been raped fuck this lil ho

  • herbsaac





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  • Oh God Why

    Wow, she really looks like Aaliyah…at least in this pic

  • the brain trust

    Wow. This is crazy. Literally.

  • G

    how can you people openly hate on this. do you KNOW how often THIS SHIT HAPPENS TO GIRLS AND HOW SCARY IT IS TO TALK ABOUT . you dudes couldn’t give two fucks it’s obvious, go ahead and laugh or get real critical about stupid shit. i love this, and even if i didnt id still respect the fuck out of it, as you should too

  • onenutned

    technically could’ve been better but the honesty in the song is unparalleled…she said she ask to be butt fucked to save the cooch!! you niggas not listening this is an open letter from a survivor..good shit.

  • realness

    @lakers….. cut that shit out real talk, the chick was spittin real life on a beat she was suppose to spit that kind of shit on, if you can go that hard on that beat u can take a shot at any classic you want unless its a super pop single song.

  • DJ Game

    It’s cool, but I just can’t bump female mcs no matter how hard I try. I just can’t relate or fuck the voice.

  • kizzy

    Damn ….. to be fair one of the reason i still listen to hip hop … this is a grimy nasty and as real as it get’s …

    Ugly but a warning … a story that needs to be told …. props Angel Haze ,,,

  • dmldvs1

    First of all….let me say that i read all of this blog before i listened to the song. Some people hated on it…..some gave love and showed support. As a lyrisist (and one of Em’s biggest fans), this is my take on the song. I hear the breathing………that needs to be worked on. Other than that, I gotta give BIG UPS to angel Haze. Just the fact that she put her heart into the song, with her own personal experiences, i gotta give it up to her. Theres a lot of terrible songs out there that dont talk about nothing….hell theres a lot of terrible rappers that shouldnt even COUGH on the mic. If your knocking this song because of the breathing, or because shes a woman, then i cant respect “YOUR” muscial tastes cuz i feel ur just a HATER. Im not saying shes my fav (haven’t heard enough of her to say that), and im not sayin this song is my jam… just saying she kept it real, and she did her thing. F**k them HATERS ANGEL HAZE……do yo thing MA.


    Damn, dont think i could replay this song and thats just because of how brilliant it is.

    much respect is due to this girl