• A-state

    boosie brings it as usual….down south legend…the myth and the legend will only grow when he get out…..hope he take advantage of what’s bout to happen once he get out

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  • the One

    Bad track Boosie! Sometimes we have to sacrifice ourselves so that are seeds can prosper and enjoy the things that we never had an opportunity to enjoy or strive for ourselves.

  • floridaboy


  • fsl4lfe

    lmao ”free boosie”

    maybe if this dude has any sense he would stay out of trouble and continue to make his sh**ty excuse for rap

  • @talibankam

    REALEST since PAC! And I didn’t comment to debate! Free Boosie 2013!!

  • Dodo

    They should of kept dude locked up.


  • Kobe

    Free Boosie.

  • Snoopsduce

    Boosie is the modern southern Tupac and a fellow Piru to boot. Fuck all detractors! I haven’t even listened to this new track just Yet and I wholeheartedly support the man. How many absolute cOwards would mouth off to his face?? Thanks to the 1st amendment, it’s ok, busters.. At any rate, he will make healthy decisions upon his return to society. No man of this fiber should be despised by his own race. PimPs up, Rusta!!