New Video: Travis Barker & Yelawolf “Push Em”

For the first video off their Psycho White EP dropping on November 13, Travis puts the pedal to the medal in his ’64 Rivi while Yela turns it out from his Slumerican tour. These white boys are crazy.


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  • How is this an Interscope blog but we get NO CHIEF KEEF Posts? Come On YN!!

  • Midsize Jerm

    Yela had about 5 minutes of buzz but that shit ran out well before his album dropped…son got bars, the problem is they all doo doo. Travis Barker neither adds nor takes away anything from the tracks he performs on, which is disappointing since his name is displayed proudly like he was a real musician on the track, when in reality he’s only performing half a beat. This shit just boring son.

  • Steve

    Eh. I’m a huge fan of Yela, but this song just makes me think of those idiots that just jump side to side in a crowd mindlessly. Yela has great songs that I’m sure many of you haven’t heard, but I think we can all agree if Radioactive didn’t hook right in with Em as a producer, this guy won’t get too far at this point. Guess I’ll keep looking for his occasional song that sounds great.

    If anyone’s curious: I need a dollar -Yela, Dollar General – Stevie Stone + Yela, No Hands – Yela

  • jt3000

    Radioactive was not his best work but Trunk Muzik 0-60 was a classic dont have to skip a single track on that album. Trust me yelawolf will be fine he has a group of loyal fans that support his movement in music and he his selling out shows as we speak.

  • omfg im white, and this has to come to a fucking stop, if you are not equally as good as marshall in his prime then do NOT for any reason, attempt to rap or make albums, no one will give a fuck…

  • RAX

    WTF is this a thesis paper section?

  • A

    Surprised people don’t like this….? Sounds dope. Something fresh and doesn’t lack lyrical ability

  • Lakers

    Dope. ^^^^ Travis brings nothing to this track. ignorant as fuck. Yela & T. Barker

  • dumb niggas these days


  • only rednecks could legitimately bump their heads to this shit..travis barker however is actually a talented drummer..

  • Jager

    this is hard
    top 5 yella songs
    drift video sound track

  • lll

    Check Yela’s net worth fellas.
    He’s not the most famous rapper but he’s richer than most of these posers (Mac Miller, MGK…etc)
    Any place he performs in, he sells out and shuts that place down.

  • @iCardsFan502

    Yelawolf is aight. Nothing special though.

  • Jesus

    This shit is dope! Travis and Yela KILLED it!!!!!!!

  • Jesus

    Yela murdered this beat. Half the rappers out right now wouldn’t know what to do over this beat . Only Yela can pull this shit off. And the Transplants are included so i fux with it.

  • the One

    @Midsize Jerm , I think you have no music iq what so ever to make such a fucked up comment as that… I’m no yellow wolf fan, but I do give props for originality. Travis influence on this track was the Punk rock white trash mosh pit style, I think it’s very creative how he merged the 2 types of music together. What you are seeing maybe a new style of hip hop emerging for punk rockers( punk hop) lol
    Anyhow I can see how this would be big for the thrashers…


    Nothing like this been done before, props for originality…road ragin joint right here..

  • Kush

    Not his best track but a track I bump nonetheless.. Also Yela didn’t just have a bit of buzz and died down, he’s a great artist and honestly one of the best rappers I’ve seen live.. I’ve seen Hopsin, Eminem, Game, Ice Cube and more and believe me, once you’ve been to a Yela concert you’ll never forget it! He goes crazy on the stage! (And after the show when I met him he was fuuuu-d off whatever drugs, funny c-nt)