Eminem Meets Detroit Tigers’ Prince Fielder

Before the opening pitch of the World Series, Fox Sports spends the day with Detroit Tigers’ Prince Fielder. At the :25 mark, the first baseman and his kids visit Eminem at the studio for some encouraging words.

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  • Slim Baller

    Ok? So?

  • Black Shady

    ^ so bow down to the king of this rap shit sucka

    shouts to K.dot for this amazing album too!

  • 445

    So……..? Which video will he be shooting? Stange. They already shot the video for goodbye but they haven’t released it. So which Video Can it be?

  • IamRealTalk (Now That GFID is 2 Times Platinum…My Job is Done! ) ( Now Go Out and Support Kendrick Lamar October 22nd !!! )



  • onanigga

    7 seconds of an unremarkable moment in Eminem’s life. FAP away stans.

  • OnDaMile

    I like how they got that shot of the 8 mile sign right before showing Fielder in Royal Oak.
    Burn Rubber is no where near 8 mile. haha

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  • JJ

    @ the ones who posted above — He’s shooting a video with 50 Cent for Street King Immortal.

  • mac dIsel’s BOSS

    hmmmm someone say rick Ross is a witch..say It agaIn!!! thank you

  • Evil

    EM is soon coming back suckas.Expect to see alot more from him in the coming months.

  • Slaughter

    Yess it will be the new 50 song with eminen off street king immortal, think its called my life, cannot wait I want to here a classic from them too

  • Rozay

    We lost last night, The city needs this championship, Prince Fielders son looks just like him, and the GOAT is coming back with a new CD.

  • real talk

    burps and farts

  • runyon

    Bicycle Ft. Skylar Grey asswipes.. pay a-fucking-tention

  • Brown Shady

    The video is not gonna be a music video you dumb fucks. Em is producing a web series about sneakers. That’s what all this is about

  • STFU.

    Where’s Em’s music, though?

  • Slaughter

    Nrown shady you spass yrs it is check 50 twitter now shut up and go away
    Thank you

  • Slaughter

    Runyon is could be 1 of many things he’s already shot that with skyler

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    ’eminem walks the dog’ makes it into the top 5 posts

  • PistolPistol

    Lol.. YoYo’s n shit