• Gambino

    Good album

  • Devante

    Did anyone even get the first one?

  • D!A!E!

    Said no one ever

  • Album did quite good

  • LikeJordan45

    What is the point of this? I simply don’t understand

  • mr.lino

    man…thts wat im sayn…thrs like 3 good songs on ther n thy from mike will made it..dude sells 15,000 frst week n thy still lt him re release tht shit?? n noone has any negative comments…nikki does damn near 300,000 frst week so shes gna rerelease roman n mofos start talkn shit…HATE N YO VIENS…..

  • JustMyOpinion

    What’s up with re-release of albums? Someone get Hip-Hop out of I-C-U please. *listens to Kendrick Lamar’s Good kid….*

  • The Guy

    ice ice pinguin

  • Kobe

    He should’ve included the Turn on the lights remix with Wayne.

  • DIGGSY!!!

    songs are in a different order on this one. its got the same damn time remix and never end remix instead of the og’s too

  • Orpheus


  • Safe Dwade

    If we work as a team and believe in one another we can find away to make this CD not hit the shelves



  • floridaboy


  • Tray Turman

    future is one of my favorite rappers i like the new song he was featured on with tyga “show you”