Meek Mill: “Philadelphia”

Still breaking down Dreams & Nightmares with Shaheem Reid, Meek goes into his city’s influence in the album’s nightmare side by reflecting on his father’s murder and surviving in South Philly.

Previously:In God We Trust

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  • just finished downloading the leak awwhh yeeeaa. kendrick who?

  • Kali

    Album is fire as expected,getting a copy for my collection on tuesday.In God we trust

  • Facts

    You are retarded if you compare this album to Kendrick Lamar’s

    It’s not the same kind of music

    You fools will compare circles to triangles so what do I say anyway

  • ^ get raped. hip hop is hip hop

  • Facts

    Hip-Hop is a term with many minor terms and subgenres

    Do your history young kid

  • Slim Baller

    Philly ain’t a nice place trust me I’m from NJ across the river. Every time I go into Philly it’s never a fun time. HOOD AS FUCK #Truth

  • mr.lino

    i fux wth meek…but aint no album this year fukin wth kendrick..n thts jst on sum honest shit…go cop a copy.


    this motherfucker is a screamer…………….boils my ears..

  • Mob

    I agree my nigga GKMC CLASSIC


    I listened to Meeks album and forgot who Kendrick was

  • A$VP J-MAC


    But Meek a Real Dude 4real sallute Album Looking good.

  • que

    Meeks a real nigga but his music is whack. Same old raps, with the same old beats, with the screaming and yelling. I aint hating because I liked meek at first but damn this nigga is repetitive. How many cocaine references are you gunna give us?

  • Beaming

    Meeks the realist in the game like it or not

  • blacks

    D and N is fireeee. he shocked me on this one

  • Romo

    What a lot of people don’t know bout Philly is how REAL it is …. I mean REAL not I’m a gangsta look at me … Real 100 authentic

  • Ya Bish

    Meek you ain’t no mo, Ya Bish!!!

  • Ya Bish

    Meek you ain

  • FTW

    I always said listening to Styles was like listening to an old head uncle dropping jewels.

    That’s real talk.


  • MrSkeezyMak

    North Philly is the real ghetto area

  • onenutned


  • liquorstoreman

    I support MEEK KDOT and any other young brother who has survived in these murderous cities like Compton Philly Chi Detroit and others. These guys could be dead or in jail for life, and you wanna sit and judge them all day when they made a way out. Duke lost his pops early to murder and he aint popped yer wig off yet…….I’d give him a salute even if I dont like his music. He gained a listen from me based of his way of speaking. The way that rap is now, there is way ,more than enuff room for the MEEKs Kendricks and others to coexist. Relax.

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