New Video: Danny Brown “Wit It”

You don’t have to go to cinemagram to see Danny’s motion picture. Inspired by Graphics Interchange Format pics and No Limit, Mr. Brown gets crunk wit it. Created by Bijoux Altamirano.

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  • Reginald

    What’s up with videos for Scrap? or Die,DNA,Pac Blood and shit like that…Can’t keep catering to these hoes and bitches all the time because they just hoes and bitches.Tighten up bruh.

  • Che

    Not really feelin Danny anymore. I still bump The Hybrid couple times a week, but he went waayyy left after signing to Fools Gold. Thats one thing I respect about kendrick, he definitely stayed true to his core fan base and put out an album reminiscent of his debut.
    Your fans fell in love with the hip hop Danny Brown, not this dance dance revolution nigga we see now.

  • Cz

    @che completely agree. Drugs are honestly killing the industry. Made wayne and TI suck, left eminem outta the game for years, and just leads to uncreative bullshit that people can dance to. And Kendrick’s album just goes to show you where hip hop could be if it wasnt about making club songs and getting fucked up.

  • ClarkR

    Did you two listen to XXX? Its one of the greatest albums of all time.