• D Twice

    T-Wayne? Man that shit is about 6 years too late. Would have been hot when Wayne was in his prime and T Pain was relevant. Now its just some fuck boy bullshit.

  • I l3ang ur sis

    Weezy the best

  • Nick

    Nah. This is dope.


    Wayne needs to start charging more for his verses. every hasbeen relys on him to save they career

  • Black Shady

    sick beat? lol stop it…………remember the last hot timbo beat? yeah me neither…

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    what ever happened to the t-wayne album, w8 better question, what the hell happened to tpain lol?

  • Kobe

    @black shady say something was one dope ass beat

  • Realshyt

    Hate supporting Wayne but he is a legend.
    Snapped in the hot boys, cash money fell off
    Wayne put it back to the top by him self! Sites like dATpiff need to thank Wayne cuz there was a point of time when everybody was flooding for a Wayne mixtape on a site(if u followed mainstream like I do) I know people are going hate that I said this but truly believe around 05-08 he went

  • HB

    @Realshyt, i agree, Wayne is one of the greatest rappers now, his success can’t be denied, thats funny ’cause i was just talking to somebody about this the other day, i remember when wayne first came out in Hot boys then he dropped “Tha block iz hot ” and i just knew he was going to blow after that, but commercially he fell off, but he was still dropping dope mixtapes thoughout the years, and then 2005 he dropped the second “Carter” album and his career was back on track, TI was the king of the south until 2008 when Wayne passed him up with The Carter III. technically Wayne is not on par with Jay Z but his work ethic is better than jay’s, as far as studio time dropping tracks after tracks plus all the features he’s on. Dudes a hard working mofo

  • Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    This Fat nigga look like a retard on the stage… he sound like he got 1 witt dat song doe

  • Ea$y Bread

    Can’t wait to hear the material on the album.