Loaded Lux & Whoo Kid On Howard Stern

Loaded Lux and DJ Whoo Kid delivered that work this morning on The Howard Stern Show. After their interview, they judged a ridiculous rap battle. Until we get full footage, here’s a brief recap.


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  • Loaded Lux about to become a star!

  • this is 50

    Use it up till nothing lef lux gonna make a milli off that WORK

  • Proud of Lux,Smack,and battle rap period.I’m ready to hop in the ring

  • tbd1983

    Yup Lux is milking that battle rap the right way, he’s giving the world that “WORK!!!” & I guess he is doing a mixtape with Whoo Kid or WK signed him ti his label

  • lol some people will still consider this them making fun of them, even though whoo kid is probably friends with howard stern on sirius and was able to make this happen for loaded lux…

  • Jaymalls

    Lmao… Where is the full clip, that woohoo line had me rollin! Do they still make those drinks anymore???

  • Mr. Hip Hop Industry Insider


  • The New Generation

    That shit went haaard! They got swaggggg!! Bang Bang!

  • Iran The Race

    Look at this Devil Howard Stern trying corrupt Loaded Lux.

    Yo Lux, be a stand up black man to you wife and child! Don’t listen to these wicked white jews and their corrupted negros.

    Yo Lux, don’t let this demonic music industry turn you out like vending machine snakes!

  • this is 50

    dam 50 making some change of this getting that work

  • Iran The Race

    typo *snacks*

  • JustMyOpinion

    On his 11th minute of 15 minutes of “fame.”

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    LMAO This nigga Whoo kid is out of his mind



  • Luks

    Whoo Kid is crazy man, LOL !!!!!

    Hates his wife and said she isn’t that hot anymore LMFAO !!!!! G-Unit !!!!