Meek Mill The Making Of Dreams & Nightmares Pt. 7

All good things come to an end. And in the final chapter of his debut’s documentary, we follow Meek down to Miami to the wrap of its recording process. Dreams & Nightmares arrives in 5 days.

Previously: Pt. 6

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  • album of the year

  • M.T

    album of the year


    Album average, it’s crazy how standards are low now, when he gets on his “deep shit” it sounds so clich

  • DoleMic


    I fuck w/ Meek heavy but the shit is mad average. It sounds rushed & not well thought out. Neither this or K Dots LP are quite album of the year material. The production on GKMC was meh, but he delivered on the lyrics & concepts so for that reason GKMC>D&N.

  • DoinTooMuch

    Album was mad dissapointing. Too much influence from ross ruined this album.

  • bumpy johnson

    the album is dope but cosighn doin too much meek had ross 3 times on the features its like ross oversaturated the album BUT IN GOD WE TRUST TRACK 2 IS FUCKIN CRACK ………