• Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    i didnt expect this after Detroit… very orignal sean. Good job!

  • the One

    It’s ok not bad…

  • Tev

    this shit hot

  • Jaymalls

    Detroit > everyother other mixtape that dropped within the past couple months! Glad to see hardwork pays off!

    Anyway, make sure y’all bring y’all asses off your computers and out to vote for Obama!



  • M.T

    this is wack. i aint feeling this at all.

  • Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    Fuck Obama nigga, he aint bout shit. mitt romney gonna cheat and win.

  • Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    Truthfully i hear key wayne on all the melodies… i only hear chop on the Percussion.

  • daffysci

    good song.. wont get much love from radio though.. Big sean music been getting better and better

  • beaming

    this sounds like some caribian shyt that all the girls will belly dance to, I fux with that

  • Slim Baller

    Key Wane is so fucking wack. Wish it was just Young Chop. young chop kills everything!!!!!!

  • will

    This is dope

  • Loyalty

    This single is a disappointing because of how good his mixtape was. This single not even better than his first single “My Last” on his debut album . Another weak Hip Pop song



  • A$VP J-MAC

    Yea sounds like some Drake shit

    OH GAWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reginald

    After hearing Kendrick Lamar’s album I don’t wanna hear none of this lame bullshit again…

  • poetic assasin

    @ beaming,wtf is caribian, how old are you? and caribbean people don’t belly dance. this song was ok- hook is catchy as stated, but same old same old.

  • Slim Baller

    this sounds tropical. Not really liking it. And drake doesn’t do pop tropical he does shit over TMINUS beats not faggot ass Key Wane. Without young chop this is wack. Honestly. Big Sean 0 for 2 this week. That other song he dropped was so bad too. KEY WANE IS WACK AS FUCK

  • Scott

    Dammmmm, we got 3 albums coming out on December 18th. Big Sean! T.I. Trouble Man and Wiz Khalid’s. Hmm… Wiz was already pushed back, wel see if Sean’s get pushed, I hope not tho, that’s guna be a hottttt day for Music!!!

  • cness


  • DoinTooMuch

    @Scott Wiz’s album comes out December 4th, not the 18th.

  • DoinTooMuch

    Song is okay. Might have to warm up to it tho. And as far as that album date goes, I have a feeling its gettin pushed back. TIP is about to catch MAJOR buzz come next month. Mark my words. Gotta chance to hear most of the album already, and its dope.

  • Yeezus Christ

    i love how repetitive these beats sound

  • Yeezus Christ

    typical fucking beat young chop is a lex luger biter dude sucks ass so does key wane they are beat makers not producers


    Ogawd !!! This is Hot and much better than ‘My last’. DETROIT was the best tape i’ve heard in a min.

    Creative, different, Original. Tropics on hip hop, clean flows, catchy hook. HOT and he did it without a feature. Quit hating yall.

    2 Black Thumbs Up.

  • DJ Game

    I can’t believe these artists are allowed to even have release dates after that kendrick album. Seriously, that album should of been a wake up call to all of this garbage to never see the light of day. Oh and this is garbage.

  • I actually think the Hook is the worst part of the song, he comes off a lil bit on the verses, especially the first one. But I guess when you drunk (which is the only time I listen to this niggas music) shit don’t matter as much

  • Whoooo

    WHOOOOOO!!!!!!! THIS THAT FYE!!!! RADIO KILLAA!! GOOD MUSIC!!! ColeWorld is next!!

  • Mic Check

    This song really sucks smh.

  • him

    GUAC!!!!!!!!…..short for guacamole ….smh guap makes no sense

  • me

    where ca i download this??? i cant find it anywhere

  • Beaming

    @ poetic asain …. Go write me a poem about it

  • PEEP


  • blacks

    this is the worst big sean song ever… lmaooooooooooooooooo. this guy is too corny…. seriously, are you guys taking in what hes saying??? lmaoo this guy is terrible

  • trae

    is this a joke? no seriously, this guy isn’t serious? WTF

  • Donn

    Wish ppl would get off Kendrick dick. He made an incredible body of work that’s unique to him. HipHop can have a balance. If all music sounded like one nigga then it would be boooooring. Wake, Kanye, Lupe, Keef, Jadakiss, Wiz, Flo Rida, all these artists are necessary to the culture because they provide a balance. It’s not about what u like, music is for everybody. Ppl act like other artists can’t coexist with their fav. This song is dope, Sean makes music that’s unique to him. U can bump Kendrick and when u done, bump Sean too

  • chuck

    @donn…whats so great about the song? hes not even saying anything important.. cmon man, dope? seriously bro? this is garbage man. What is he sayingggg? “i need my face on a black card, my iphone need to charge, my fish tank need a shark, i need a blimp to say the worlds ours” lmaoooooo

  • Geezy

    Say this song doesnt sound exactly like this old ass wayne song…..

  • Donn

    @Chuck ,.. If u don’t like it’s cool bro, but it doesn’t mean other ppl can’t like it. I like deep shit as much as the nxt nigga but this rides too. To me, niggas who talk about getting money is motivation for me to get mine up. Shit inspires me to get on the grind and get it. Same way JCole inspires me, Kdot, Ross, etc. You missing the bigger picture. Scarf ace could have bought a dog but he bought a tiger, nigga phone need to charge cus he always on it talking business and gettin bread, nigga want his face on his black card so niggas know its his, etc etc. don’t be mad, feel inspired to get this money

  • Converse

    ^actually Wayne is freestylin on”throw some d’s” Rich boy… that Yola da great “want let up” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqbP79CUSd4&feature=youtube_gdata_player Big sean and this song is whack

  • Throne

    Swag boy music at its finest, all this needs in a soulja boy or nicki minaj feature lol

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    LOl at other niccas co signing this shyt

  • This Single shits on kendricks whole album
    Cuz i can bump this going to the club !!
    And thats what i like!!!

  • This song reminds me of the cole and trey record
    Same feeling
    This is super dope

  • johnnny

    Stop trying to compare all these rapper to your favorite at the moment. Not everyone can be K Dot or Cole dude for every Cole we need a Drake and Big Sean. Stop complaing this dude is been nothing but consistent with his stuff and you got to appereciate that.

  • Rozay

    Detroit bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • matrix

    Yall hating hard but guess what this shit is HOOTTT!!! Kendricc shit is hot too but gotdamn yall succin him off now with the comparing everybody music to his wtf yall some idiots…

  • i like where hes at conceptually and lyrically, if this is just the single i would think the album got some dope ass cuts. the beats kool for the single but i hope theyre not all as light as this.

  • cheeeese

    song is good but not a strong single , maybe as a warm-up single, but he needs to drop another one thats makes people say WHOA! right now that song he got with Jay & kanye is shitting on everything


    This song sucks, just like everything B.Dot tends to post.


    LOL at … you disgust me.

  • koa29

    Sean shoulda worked with No ID for his first single. Don’t stray from your formula.

  • koa29

    Plus, don’t get me wrong because i’m a Big Sean fan and have been for awhile, but what’s with this album name? Naming your second album Hall of Fame? Huh? C’mon, where they do that at. And the subtitle… Memoirs of a Detroit Player? SMH. But shit, whatever. Do you sean. I’ll keep supportin ‘long as the music good.

  • Mike B

    fuck that! ..this shit is catchy as fuck and awesome…
    controll..yo hoe’s…u let her talk to u crazy…u got baby mama drama, u aint even got no baby

  • stashcityswa

    This SHIT is terrible!!

  • candidbackshots

    I like BIG SEAN but this is some CRAP

  • dll32

    dope single +1

  • SleepyKeemo

    Drake, that you?

  • stfu

    sean is overrated

  • LouisDaKing

    this single is Wack !!! he put some material on his lastest mixtape better than that !!! and By The Way he should pushed back his album because December 18th is T.I. day TROUBLE MAN !!!!

  • HB

    ^^yeah he should wait till next year to release his album, T.I gonna take all his shine

  • HB

    Its between Wiz khalifa & T.I , Sean should wait, put out another single, drop his album in January or Feb.

  • Chronic

    I want to hate big Sean so much…but he’s too fuckin catchy